4 Signs Social Media Rules Your Life

4 Signs Social Media Rules Your Life
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According to mashable.com, 66% of adults are connected to one or more social media platforms. Social networks have become part of our daily lives, covering almost every aspect, from the morning routine of checking email to finding out what friends are up to on Facebook. We really can’t avoid the trap of using social media. But like everything in life there must be limits. The enjoyment of using social networks can evolve into an unhealthy obsession that may not only be problematic for you, but for those closest to you in real life. So how do you know if social media is taking over your world? Here are five signs to look out for.

You share everything.

If you feel the need to share your every thought and wish, and lose all inhibitions on your Facebook page, you may have a problem. People who share too much and find it appropriate to list even the fact that they just used the toilet have made others disdain the platform all together. There is such a thing as too much information and if you’re sharing the smallest piece of information because you think your audience is craving that insight, you may want to start thinking about taking a break from the virtual world you’re living in. This is how you lose followers and sometimes even lose friends in real life.

You spend hours a day on social media websites.

According to sysomos.com, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said using Twitter for too many hours was “unhealthy.” It’s an unusual statement from someone whose job it is to get people to use Twitter, but it does raise an interesting issue. Social media can be a time-suck. It’s engaging, entertaining, educational and seductive making it very easy for a person to forget about the rest of the world and be stuck in a virtual one. For people who make a living digitally, social media is a constant presence to drive communication and keep up with the steady parade of content. For non-digital professionals, social media can play an important role in keeping up with friends, family and personal interests. The danger of social media is when too much time is spent on it and you forget about other activities in your life.

You check your profile first thing in the morning.

If you wake up in the morning and check your mentions, Facebook messages, Twitter tweets, live stream and/or everything else associated with your social media accounts before even brushing your teeth, you are definitely addicted. To break yourself of the habit, try waking up, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast and get the blood moving in your brain before considering checking your profile for the latest update.

You care more about how many “friends” are following you.

Most of us would rather have a few close friends that we can talk to and share with than have hundreds of friends to share bits and pieces of our lives with. You are addicted to social media when you care more about how many people are following you on Facebook or Twitter rather than who these people are. Social media isn’t meant to be a popularity contest, but when you’re addicted it’s all about the number rather than the quality.

Social Media is meant to bring people together, providing us with an outlet to share our experiences. Many of us forget that sharing our experiences means going out into the real world and living. If we don’t live in the real world and rely on social media to bring us that world we will not have anything to share within these outlets. Therefore defeating the purpose of social media all together. So before you become addicted take a break and limit your time on social media networks.

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