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The idea of social media started as a questionable method of socialization for tweens, teens and young adults but is undoubtedly becoming one of the most valued and effective brand building resources around. For various reasons, social media platforms are essential for anyone hoping to build their brand and following. You will find a few of those reasons here:

Social media touches everyone: 91% of all Internet users are utilizing one or more social media platforms. In this day and age, social media influences and impacts our everyday lives while also becoming part of our daily routines. The presence of social media is so much more than photos and updates on what Lady Gaga ate for breakfast; it has become a social watering hole where individuals worldwide come to discover new trends, find the next star and hear the most important and buzz worthy headlines.

A sense of community = a sense of belonging: Social media platforms provide an outlet for followers to become a community. Each individual brand, business or budding star who builds themselves an online community has also built themselves a fan-base full of loyal, consistent and passionate cheerleaders that will help lead them to success, both on and offline.

Social media creates a tangible persona that fans can connect with: So often, we little people become star struck and mesmerized at the mere site of a larger than life celebrity, but did you know that celebrities, business owners, philanthropists and entrepreneurs are normal people too?  Social media not only builds community and following but allows the once untouchable to become both touchable and relatable. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow fans and followers to be personally connected to a brand through more that their actual product. Think of various social media platforms as literal platforms in which fans, followers, friends and colleagues can help accelerate your brand recognition and create a unique image and reputation.

Creating your own voice on social media platforms can be scary to start. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn, just to name a few, are four of dozens and dozens of sites that can be used to further your brand awareness.

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