Social Media Sins:4 Reasons People Break-Up With a Brand

Social Media Sins:4 Reasons People Break-Up With a Brand
Social Media: Reasons people un-like your brand

Do you know why people “un-like” your brand’s Facebook page?

You’ve built your brand name up on social media networks such as Facebook to hundreds of followers then one day you notice people are starting to un-like or un-follow you. We are told everyday that a robust brand presence is more important than ever. But there are things you shouldn’t do on social media to keep your followers from leaving. Here are a few reasons why people un-follow or un-like a brand.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

With great connectivity comes great responsibility. Believe it or not, posting too often on Facebook or Twitter can kill your brand followers. That’s right people become overloaded with brands preaching about themselves multiple times a day. 42% of consumers say they stopped following a brand because the brand was posting too frequently and 24% of consumers say the posts were too promotional. Consumers want to stay updated with their favorite brands, but they don’t want to hear about  every single thing. Cluttering a person’s newsfeed with your brand information is the number 1 reason for un-liking a brand on Facebook.

Here’s a tip, keep the 80/20 rule of social media posting in mind. 80% of your posts should be helpful information, tips & tricks, articles, images, videos etc. that provide ‘infotaiment.” Then 20% of the time it’s okay to be self-promotional and talk about your products and services.

We Can’t Relate

The second reason users decide to downsize and remove brands from their social media networks? They don’t feel closely associated with businesses that don’t provide useful content, over post or just don’t post at all. If you’re not providing your audience with useful information then why should they follow you on Facebook or Twitter? It’s important to find a balance in not only how many times you post a day, but also the content you are providing your audience.

Your Updates Bore Us

Boring content leads to bored readers, which leads to un-following or un-liking your brand’s page. Content needs to be timely and relevant. If you’re constantly posting the same types of articles on Facebook or only giving updates on weekly specials on Twitter, people are not likely to see the value in what you’re posting. If you really want to engage your audience, be sure you are sharing information about topics they care about.

Newsletter = Junk Mail

According to Exact Target’s study, 77% of U.S. online consumers admit they’ve become more cautious about giving companies their email address. Once you do get them to subscribe make sure you’re making your brand stand out. Content is key and many people say they have unsubscribed to an email newsletter because they are receiving too many email updates that look similar. One trick to try is subscribing to your competitors’ email lists and check what they are sending to prospects. This gives you the opportunity to make your email unique and you don’t end up in the spam folder.

Remember social media is meant to be social. It’s a relationship between your brand and the consumer. So before you start ranting about how great your company is 10 times a day on social media, take a moment and rethink your strategy. Some times less really is more.

Have you committed a social media sin?

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