Hashtag Disney Wins at Social Media

Hashtag Disney Wins at Social Media

Fitting all of your wits into a mere 140 characters, when using Twitter, is a difficult challenge to say the least. Disney did this and even included a hashtag.

Last week Disney brought together 140 of their movie characters for a photo in the formation of a hashtag and posted the picture onto Twitter. A buzz was generated throughout Twitter, YouTube, and the mainstream social media.

Are you going to "show your Disney side" this Memorial Day weekend?

Are you going to “show your Disney side” this Memorial Day weekend?

The photo, with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and 135 of their friends gathered at Magic Kingdom Park and forming the familiar shape of a hashtag, is a part of Disney’s promotional campaign for a bicoastal all-night extravaganza, “Rock Your Disney Side,” during Memorial Day weekend, Disney Parks’ Social Director wrote in a blog post. The photo stunt was followed by a press release, but it shows how influential the power of social media can be when using images and videos.

The stunt has been broadcast on many newscasts, and Buzzfeed even ran the photo under the title “Presenting the greatest hashtag to ever exist: thank you Disney!” Besides the success of the photo, Disney promoted “Rock Your Side” through videos on YouTube. Their 31-second video has 810,000 views as of this writing. And while the trend is often for shorter videos to be more popular, Disney’s two-minute video is doing even better with nearly 900,000 views.

People attending the Memorial Day event are invited to “show their Disney Side” by dressing in costumes of Magic Kingdom heroes and villains, which is normally against the Disney park rules about adults dressing in character. This is causing even more of a stir as the public is engaging with Disney by sharing photos of themselves in costume.

Disney had already won in my books, but this took the cake. They fully utilized the power of social media in a clever way to broadcast themselves, and it totally paid off. Obviously Disney is a huge company, so it is easy for them to cause a stir, but this shows how important using social media can be for your company!

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