Media Relations: 3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond

Media Relations: 3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond

Great relationships between businesses and the media can be tricky to manage. Journalists are short on time so tactics like perfecting your pitching strategy or sending newsworthy press releases are good ways to meet their needs. Here are 3 ideas for going above and beyond, helping you catch journalists’ attention and increase your company’s visibility.


Have you ever tried tweeting at journalists?

3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond with the Media

  1. Create a Story

No one can tell your story better than you, so go ahead and write it! Most reporters aren’t interested in a product or a company (although some achievements are very newsworthy), rather they are interested in creating an experience for their readers. Journalists are storytellers who follow rules of narratives. To be successful in media relations, take time to craft a compelling angle for your story that journalists will appreciate.

  1. Write the Headline

Imagine what the headline would be in a news story all about your business. What would you want your readers to think when they read it? The subject line of an email sent to a reporter should have the same attention-grabbing headline you would use to entice your audience.

  1. Engage on Social Media

If you have access to reporters’ social media profiles, follow them and engage in their conversations. Showing journalists you are up to date on their recent activity and paying attention to their articles goes a long way in forming a relationship. In addition, include your own company’s social media links to help the media find you.

Communication is a personalized process that requires attention and care; excellent media relations are achieved by creating key relationships and going above and beyond. Creating a great story and writing a compelling headline help save reporters’ time and make your pitches stand out. In addition, engaging with the media on social networks can help give you an extra edge. If you’d like advice on managing the media relations of your company, contact Three Girls Media for a free consultation!

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