You can post on social media all day long, but if you don’t create content that is shareable, chances are your words won’t make it past your followers’ newsfeeds. Creating posts, articles, videos, memes or images that can apply to a wide audience, strike a chord with your customers and are of a positive nature spread easily via sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here are three ways to propel your content further.

Is your content shareable?

Is your content shareable?

[Social Media Marketing] 3 Ways to Create Shareable Content

  1. Provide Value to Your Audience

Content that helps readers out with a problem, offers a tip or gives them some sort of value will reach a wider audience than posts that are self-promotional or meant for a small group of readers. Make the content relevant and helpful; offer information they can’t get elsewhere. A how-to article is a great example.

  1. Create a Personality

Determining a voice or personality of your brand is a great way to encourage your audience to share your content. By proving you are a human rather than a robot behind the screen, you’ll be able to form more meaningful connections with your clients and customers. Creating content that is emotional and relevant to life experiences is a good way to do this.

  1. Gauge Responses

One of the best ways to find what types of content resonate with your audience is through trial and error. By paying attention to feedback and gauging the responses of your followers, you’ll find out what types of posts get shared more and receive positive feedback. Facebook makes it easy by offering simple analytics to show likes, comments, shares and views on each post.

By paying attention to the responses and actions of your followers, creating a unique personality for your brand and providing a value to your audience, your content will become more shareable and reach a wider group of users. What do you do to make your posts more engaging?

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