[Social Media Marketing] 3 Tips to Increase Reach

[Social Media Marketing] 3 Tips to Increase Reach

Are you looking for ways to make your social media marketing more successful? Taking steps to increase the reach of your content can help you achieve a wider audience and greater brand awareness. Rather than shouting your message from the rooftops, allow your fans to help your message soar by using these three tips.


3 Tips to Increase Social Media Marketing Reach

  1. Notify Your Fans

To increase your reach across multiple platforms, it can be helpful to cross-promote yourself on each profile. Your Facebook followers may also be browsing Twitter and have never thought to look for you, so it can be helpful to share the news of your other accounts. Another way to increase the reach of your social media marketing efforts is to encourage fans to receive notifications of your messages. On Facebook, there’s a simple button followers can push to get alerts every time you post new content.

  1. Host Contests

Social users love contests, especially those with a seasonal twist. Come up with a fun game that allows your fans to be a part of your brand and encourages them to engage with other users. A good example of a contest is asking users to name a new company mascot or to fill in the blank of a sentence. For bonus points, try holding a caption contest since photos are more likely to catch the eyes of your target audience. If you hold a contest, be sure to offer a small prize like a t-shirt or company coupons.

  1. Maximize Organic Reach

One of the best ways to ensure successful social media marketing is to pay attention to organic reach. Studies show posts which include videos and images, particularly with people in them, are prioritized by social channels and receive a larger audience than posts including text only. Creating content designed to capture fans’ attention should get you good results.

By encouraging followers to receive up-to-the-minute updates from your brand, holding contests to maximize fan engagement and focusing on content with a good organic reach, you’ll achieve wider brand recognition and more views on your posts. For additional DIY PR tips and tricks, read other articles on our blog today.

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