3 Thoughtful Marketing Tips From Inside Out

As you might be able to tell by now, I’m awful at watching films when they are first released. Usually I’ll see them a few months (or years, in this case) after their initial release date when they’re more affordable on Redbox. This means most movies have already been spoiled for me or everyone has already seen them. But when it comes to Pixar’s Inside Out, I feel like a little more conversation could be a huge benefit, particularly to small and medium business owners who are looking to adjust their marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy should be able to embrace change when it happens!

If you haven’t seen Inside Out, it’s about a young girl named Riley and her emotions as she grows and experiences triumphs and struggles in life. Her emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – help her react to different situations and form her personality with different ‘Islands of Personality.’ When she moves away from her childhood home, all of them (particularly Joy) learn that the only way for growth to happen is to let go of old ideals and accept change.

I specifically want to focus on Joy and Sadness, two of my personal favorite characters. Between them I noticed a few valuable lessons, for both personal and marketing growth. Keep reading below to see what I found!

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3 Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

How can influencer marketing help get the word out about your business? This article explains.

The world of marketing continues to get flipped on its head — and businesses that are turning to celebrities, public figures or online personalities to market their products and services are attracting high-quality customers in a more widespread, efficient manner.

Not only does influencer marketing use — and primarily rely on — the power of social media, it also offers businesses the opportunity to be creative, target specific audiences, and build a strong brand following that can foster more meaningful relationships with consumers. That’s why most marketers are looking to double their investment in influencer marketing in 2017, according to research conducted by eMarketer.

Still not convinced influencers should be part of your marketing strategy? In a recent poll, marketing company Tomoson found that businesses make $6.50 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing — a whopping 600 percent return on investment. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. So if you’re looking to get started, then take a look at these top influencer marketing campaigns to see which strategies would best suit your brand. Continue reading

How to Write Clickable Updates for Every Social Media Network

Is your social media content sharable? Follow these tips!

Writing an engaging post on social media that catches people’s attention is always a challenge. However, a few changes are enough to make your text more vivid and interesting to the readers.

How can you increase the popularity of your posts without using clickbait? It’s all about creating and using quality social media content.

For example, if you want to share an update about narrative essay ideas, you should focus on the clear value of your post to the reader. If you provide this value, the audience is more motivated to click the link leading to your website.

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3 Ways to Obtain Loyal Customers 

How can you turn prospective customers into loyal brand advocates? This post explains.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners know, obtaining loyal customers in a competitive market can be difficult, to say the least. It also means there is less room for mistakes, as 58 percent of customers say will never use a company again after a negative experience, New Voice Media says.

So what’s the key to turning prospective customers into loyal brand advocates? Optimizing the customer experience is essential. This not only means paying attention to each focus point of the customer journey, but taking care of the customer and understanding their needs. In our increasingly digital world, following three simple tips can help you get that returning clientele that will ensure your businesses success.

1. Encourage Sharing, Communication and Engagement

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7 Fearless Public Relations Tips from the Ladies of The Bold Type

The brave ladies at Scarlet have some great public relations insights!

I was hooked on “The Bold Type” as soon as I saw a trailer, and now that the first season is out, I’m obsessed. I love shows with strong female leads and this one completely blew me away. Front and center are three young women with big dreams and all the willpower to make them happen, even when things look bleak. The best part about this new series though, is the CEO. Unlike so many other plots where the CEO of a big magazine is cold and cruel (sorry, Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada), Jacqueline Carlyle of Scarlet Magazine takes a big role in helping to build up her employees and see them succeed, instead of making their work lives miserable. It’s refreshing to see empowering relationships between leaders and employees on the big screen, and it’s one of the reasons this is my new favorite show.

While I was watching, I started noticing some great public relations tips mixed in with the struggles Jane, Kat and Sutton face while they’re chasing after their dreams, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! So get comfy and read on to find out how the brave ladies of Scarlet Magazine can help your public relations efforts. But FYI, if you haven’t seen the show yet, there are spoilers ahead.

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