Content Marketing: How To Be Successful Like “Night of Too Many Stars”

Did you watch “Night of Too Many Stars?” Keep reading for content marketing tips from the show.

If you’ve watched TV or been on the internet over the month of November, you likely saw Jon Stewart in a variety of content from shows and ads promoting Night of Too Many Stars for the organization, NEXT for AUTISM.

From the NEXT for AUTISM website, their approach is to, “Transform the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing, launching, and supporting innovative programs. We believe that individuals with autism have the potential to live fulfilling, productive lives when supported by excellent services and connected to their communities.”

What is their approach? “While many organizations engage in advocacy or fund scientific research, NEXT for AUTISM addresses the needs of people with autism and their families across the country, right now. We create and support exceptional educational, clinical, and vocational programs, all cutting-edge, all with an eye towards affecting fundamental shifts in current approaches to autism services.”

This is an incredible organization supported by an over-the-top broadcast with so many celebrities; the show is aptly named.

After watching Jon Stewart on everything from The Today Show to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and viewing the show itself, I couldn’t help but think about all of the content marketing efforts put into promoting the show and lessons that can be learned from the event; keep reading to learn about these tips and lessons. Continue reading

Preparing for the Holidays: How to Create Digital Content

Can you believe October is almost over? We are heading fast into the holiday season; this likely means your business is extra busy while you and your staff plan vacations – which means you’ll be away from the office and potentially unplugged from your social media accounts. That being said, it is important to stay on top of your social marketing and blogging schedule. Do you need help getting organized with your content? Keep reading for advice to help you this holiday season.

Importance of Posting Content Regularly

Don’t forget about posting on your social media channels and blog; it’s important for SEO.

Just because it’s the end of the year and there are a million work and home things to do, that doesn’t mean you should skip writing blog posts and social media content. Posting consistently on the same time and day of the week for blogging is incredibly valuable for achieving high SEO rankings. As Traffic Generation Café reports, “Increasing your pages by 50-100 can bring as high as double digit blog traffic growth.” Double digit blog traffic growth is an incredible amount of progress, which is why you need to keep blogging. While you may not be writing 50-100 blog posts during the months of November and December, anything you publish will contribute to the overall number of page views. Continue reading

Kuzak’s Closet

Media Contacts: Three Girls Media, Inc. (408) 218-2391
Natalie Petersen, (360) 556-1817, [email protected]
Erika Taylor Montgomery, (408) 218-2391, [email protected]

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What is it?

Kuzak’s Closet is a full-service professional organizing, relocation, liquidation and estate sale company that manages all aspects of a project, from assessment to broom-swept finish.

With an individual approach for every client, Kuzak’s Closet simplifies myriad organizing decisions for clients, creating beautiful spaces for living, working and storage, from kitchen makeovers to reorganizing or unpacking entire homes.

How does Kuzak’s Closet Handle Professional Organizing Differently?

Kuzak’s Closet knows every client’s home is unique, so every project receives a custom-tailored plan to fit the customer’s lifestyle and living space. Depending on the depth of the project and client availability, a Kuzak’s Closet team of professional organizers either tackles the project independently, or works with the client side-by-side, to create and execute an action plan that is both functional and visually appealing.

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Why Kuzak’s Closet?

  • With more than 13 years in business, Amanda and her team are dedicated to ongoing education. Kuzak’s Closet’s team members are constantly researching efficient and stylish products, as well as attending industry workshops and conferences, to learn the latest techniques and stay on top of the most popular trends.
  • Kuzak’s Closet completes dozens of projects each week so their team members have extensive experience and a keen for attractive and functional storage products that create customized home organization systems.
  • The company has trusted, established relationships with local cabinet companies and handymen who specialize in creating custom organizing solutions.
  • Kuzak’s Closet has the largest home organizing staff in the Bay Area, making it easy to tackle large scale projects like home unpacking and relocations, or cleaning up a jam-packed garage, in record time.

How Does Kuzak’s Closet Handle Estate Sales and Liquidations Differently?

 Kuzak’s Closet employs a full-service estate sale team that specializes in sorting, staging, pricing and marketing everything from precious antique heirlooms to hardware from the kitchen sink. The team is well versed in current buying trends and can easily determine which items will appeal to  the public, enthusiasts and collectors. 


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Why Kuzak’s Closet for Estate Sales?

  • Amanda and her team have extensive expertise in pricing and spend time researching items online, at local antique fairs, shows and other estate sales, to make sure sale pricing is always competitive.
  • Items are photographed and marketed through the Kuzak’s Closet award-winning blog and social media sites.
  • Sales are advertised for best possible exposure and are publicized to the company’s large email list of buyers and antique dealers, as well as on Craigslist, social media, street signage and the local newspaper.

Who is the lead professional organizer?

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Amanda Kuzak, Founder of Kuzak’s Closet, is passionate about helping people lead more efficient lives; she does it with a creative and compassionate style. With more than a decade of experience in deftly managing the unexpected, her ability to problem solve – and spread cheer while doing it – has won her legions of appreciative clients. Amanda’s commitment to excellent work includes Kuzak’s Closet’s longtime professional staff that can manage all aspects of a job, from experts on vintage goods and furnishings to top-notch professional organizers.

Where is it?

Kuzak’s Closet serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley. Consumers can contact the company at 650-646-4343 or [email protected], or visit

Kuzak’s Closet’s headquarters are located at 444 First Street Suite J Los Altos, CA 94022.

Story Ideas:

  1. Clean-up for the Holidays: The end of the year holidays are right around the corner. Amanda Kuzak can offer professional insider cleaning and organizing tips that will to get homes in terrific shape for company and festivities.
  2. Amanda Kuzak – A Female Powerhouse in Silicon Valley: In the male-dominated industry of estate sales, Amanda Kuzak forged her own successful path and created a thriving business that out-performs her male counterparts year after year. She can offer tremendous insight into how to not just survive, but thrive as a female entrepreneur and leader in the most competitive business community in the country – Silicon Valley.
  3. What to Expect from an Estate Sale: What’s the difference between a garage sale and estate sale? Amanda can explain why families should hire an estate sale company like Kuzak’s Closet, and what advantages that brings. In addition, she can explain the Estate Sale process, offering inside expertise and tips for homeowners.

Why Are Mobile Friendly Websites and Content Important?

Did you know that more people use their mobile devices for the internet than their desktop?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you are glued to your smart phone. You probably rely on it to respond to emails, keep track of the news and interact with friends on social media. In fact, the end of 2016 was the first time that mobile internet use surpassed desktop use, tipping the scales 51.2 percent for mobile to 48.7 percent for desktop.

With that in mind, keep reading for even more reasons to make your business mobile friendly and to learn what type of content is best to use for this forum.

10 Reasons to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean that it is optimized for phones and tablets. While it might require a little extra design work, these 10 reasons from Webmovement explain why a mobile friendly site is worth it.

  1. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not in mobile search results. The Google algorithm change that occurred in 2015 tweaked the way Google displays mobile search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile rank better than those that don’t.
  2. People everywhere use mobile devices to do everything from simple internet searches to purchasing big ticket items and much more. The reason? It’s fast and easy. Consumers in every industry want to connect and get what they’re looking for quickly. If you’re not optimized for mobile, you can’t offer your customers immediate service.
  3. It helps you build credibility with your customers, clients, and influencers in your industry. With a mobile friendly website, anyone who tries to visit your site on a mobile device will have a proper experience, and that will encourage them to see you as a credible resource for information, products and services.
  4. It’s becoming a standard best practice. Many websites are mobile-friendly with more and more coming online every day. Responsive web design has made mobile optimization more straight forward and accessible to everyone, and that means users have begun to expect this level of functionality to come standard when browsing on their mobile devices.
  5. You can reach more customers, faster. Making your website mobile-friendly automatically opens your customer base up to anyone performing a mobile search. And even better, customers won’t have to hunt for your site or type in the exact URL to find it – they can just perform a search to find you quickly and easily.
  6. You’ll make your customers much When a customer or a potential customer accesses your site to find information or look for something you sell, you want the experience to be nothing short of great. Because many people use mobile devices to access the web, only a mobile-friendly website can promise to offer that experience. Happy customers will return to your site and tell others about how great it is. Unhappy customers will do the opposite.
  7. Google puts a priority on mobile friendly websites than those that are not; are you at the bottom of a search list?

    Because Google wants you to do it. Webmasters know when Google recommends you do something, you should really try to do it. This is the case with making websites mobile-friendly. Google has explained why mobile is so important in their own words, and the number one reason they cite is everyone has smartphones, and they’re constantly using them to search.

  8. Your website will look great and function well on any device, provided you use responsive web design to build or redesign your site. Why take chances when it comes to mobile optimization? With responsive design, your website will respond to the mobile device a person is using to access your site, and it will render to look and function well, no matter what.
  9. It benefits your reputation. Not just online, but offline as well. People will take note of a website they have a great experience with – and they will also take note of a website they have a bad experience with. Reputation is everything, and most businesses can’t afford to give people a bad experience – digital or otherwise.
  10. Your business will be seen as modern and relevant. You might offer some of the most useful, valuable and unique products or services on the market, but if your website’s mobile experience is poor or non-existent, your company will be a digital dinosaur – encouraging people to seek help elsewhere. On the other hand, mobile-friendly websites are contemporary, cutting-edge and legit – they are how you get your foot in the door with anyone that has a smartphone.

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Clients in the News – July 2017

Happy August! This summer is a hot one for coverage at Three Girls Media. See the recap below for some of our most recent editorial media placements on behalf of clients as well as the Three Girls team!






Media Outlet: Stratford University

Client: Three Girls’ Emily Sidley

From the Article: “There are a lot of tools out there to help you with public relations and content marketing. But which ones are worth taking the time to learn how to use? Or even pay for? Personalized PR and custom content marketing take time, but it’s worth it!”- Emily Sidley

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Media Outlet: Medium

Client: Three Girls’ Beth Adan

From the Article: “When writing a pitch, introduce the journalist to your brand and share why he/she should cover your story, don’t make it all about you.”- Beth Adan

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Media Outlet: Trail Cooking

Client: Plush Puffs

From the Article: “Plush Puffs were a fun one. We love to make s’mores whenever we can, and I see these as “adult” marshmallows. I hid them from the kids I might add…..oh and look at the ingredient list: no corn syrup or corn starch!”

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