Facebook Updates: How to Be Engaging Part 2


What are your favorite Facebook update tips?

Writing compelling and engaging Facebook updates can be a struggle for some small businesses. Finding the right balance between information and conversation is something to strive for. Last week I gave you five tips for engaging Facebook updates; here are 5 more to use on your next posts. Continue reading

Content Marketing Tip: Count to Five!

This is a picture of five hands counting to five.

Remember to count to five for all your content marketing strategies!

Are you investing in content marketing? Here’s a tip: count to five! What does that mean?

It can get confusing to remember to update your blog regularly, distribute your e-newsletter on a consistent basis and focus the necessary time on your social media marketing. Fortunately, by counting to 5, you can remember the foundation of what’s really important in content marketing. Continue reading

Facebook Updates: How to be Engaging Part 1

Facebook Thumbs Up

How do you get likes with Facebook updates?

Creating Facebook updates that are engaging is important to any social media campaign. The more enchanting a post, the more user interaction you will receive. Here are five tips from Digital Information World to write engaging updates.

5 Facebook Update Writing Tips

  1. Be Natural

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is a casual atmosphere. Drop the formalities and keep your language relaxed on posts. Continue reading

Facebook Advertising Guide: 4 Steps to Using Promoted Posts

Have you considered Facebook advertising for your business? If you have an advertising budget, even a small one, Facebook ads are definitely worth the investment.

What Type of Facebook Ads?

This is a picture of the Facebook logo.

Have you considered Facebook advertising?

There are a couple of different options when it comes to Facebook advertising, but at Three Girls we like to recommend promoted posts for a few reasons:

  1. They show up in users’ news feeds, which makes them much more visible than the Facebook ads in the sidebar.
  2. They work well for mobile users (again, because they show up directly in users’ feeds).
  3. They give potential followers a taste of what your business’ updates are like.

Continue reading