Importance of Interacting on Social Media

How does your business handle customer service issues on social media?

How does your business handle customer service issues on social media?

Social media has become the customer service center for most businesses, large and small. Customers and patrons use the different sites as a way to find and gather information, ask generic questions and to compliment or complain about your business.

One of the first things you can do for your company is to have a complete profile filled out. Have a comprehensive description of what your company is “About,” include hours, price range and anything else applicable to your business.

After you have provided enough information to your customers and have uploaded necessary company images, the next important thing to do on social media is interact. Continue reading

Guide to Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Is your business using Twitter for social media marketing? Larger social networking sites like Facebook tend to get all of the love from marketers, however, Twitter is a fantastic vehicle to spread the good news about your company! Many business owners don’t know where to begin once they set up a Twitter profile and the site frequently rolls out new features. Read on for the ultimate guide to using Twitter for social media marketing, in addition to some new changes the site has in store for 2016.

This is an image of a hand holding the Twitter logo.

Is your business using Twitter for social media marketing?

Guide to Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing: New Changes in 2016 and More

Twitter isn’t used nearly as widely as Facebook, but the fast-paced social network has a ton of users, nearly 19 percent of the entire adult population. It is most popular among people who hold a college degree and are under the age of 50. It’ also important to note Twitter houses more male users than female; 22 percent of men frequent the site, while only 15 percent of women are active users. Noting Twitter’s demographics can help you tailor targeted, successful social media marketing campaigns. Continue reading

28 Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Use Networks Differently

Are you using each of the social media sites effectively?

Are you using each of the social media sites effectively?

Social media marketing is a big part of what I do for a living, so it’s not surprising I enjoy using networks like Facebook and Instagram in my free time, too. One of my biggest pet peeves, however, is people using all of the various social sites the exact same way. Each one has a different use and community, so they should be used in different ways. Are you using the various platforms effectively for your business?

An Example of Social Media Sites’ Differences

For example, when I received my maternity pictures, I thought about what I would want to see from the friends and brands that I follow.

On Instagram:

This is the collage of maternity photos I posted on Instagram.

This is the collage of maternity photos I posted on Instagram.

Because photos show up on Instagram one at a time, I didn’t want to overwhelm my followers with 13 pictures in a row – especially since they would all look similar. So instead, I spaced them out a little bit and shared a few images in one post.

  1. I started by sharing a collage of the four “sneak peek” photos the photographer sent in one post.
  2. Once I received all of the photos a few weeks later, I went through all of them and decided which ones were my favorites. Then I posted one of just my belly with the caption, “Love how my maternity pictures came out! Stay tuned for more.”
  3. A few days later, I posted a collage of four of my favorite photos in one post.
  4. The next day, I posted another collage of three photos from the shoot that included my daughter.
  5. Finally, a few days later, I posted my favorite picture (one of me with my husband peeking out from behind the bushes) with the caption, “…and one last maternity picture since this one is so fun! #peekaboo”

Continue reading

Non-Profit Organizations: How to Use Social Media

How can your non-profit organization benefit from social media?

How can your non-profit organization benefit from social media?

Whether your non-profit organization has a large or small allotment of money for publicity, social media campaigns are perfect for any budget. Some of the best charitable organizations have used social media to spread their message to more people than any other campaign type could. Here are three social media methods to use for your non-profit organization.

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations

  1. Create Events

Social media platforms such as Google Plus and Facebook allow users to create events for their cause. Creating social media events allows fans and followers to participate in the festivities even if they cannot be there in person. Whether the event is on a national or local level, allowing fans the opportunity to engage will help in recruiting and awareness.

  1. Create Cover Photos

Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have created empty spaces on their sites for headers and backgrounds. This is the perfect opportunity to put your organization’s logo or message front and center on social media profiles. Charities like have created their own themes to be featured on sites. These themes are a way for supporters to show their support and expose their friends and followers to your cause.

  1. Create Videos

Over time the One organization has made a name for themselves not only for their fight against extreme poverty and other global issues, but for their celebrity filled commercials. Everyone from Ryan Gosling, Bono, Brad Pitt and so many more have appeared in their videos. While acquiring stars to participate in every campaign video may not be something your organization can do, studies have shown that images and videos are more likely to be shared than just text content alone. Creating videos and putting them on social media platforms will encourage others to share the videos and get involved.

Social media is an incredible tool for any non-profit organization. If your campaign is supporting a global or local issue, sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus assist in reaching more people than you can imagine. How has your organization used social media for campaign purposes?

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The 8 Ordeals of Public Relations (Or, PR Lessons from Point Break)

Over the holidays, I got a chance to see the remake of a 1991 classic, Point Break. Although the film has been met by critical reviews, I thought the jaw-dropping action scenes made for an incredible afternoon of cinema.

The movie centers around Johnny Utah, an extreme athlete turned FBI rookie, on his quest to help solve a series of incredible heists. Along his search, he learns the crimes are being committed by other extreme athletes looking to fulfill a challenge called the Osaki 8 Ordeals. A series of physical and mental hurdles one must complete to reach enlightenment, or balance within themselves, I thought about how this applies to the world of public relations.

Read this article to see how the Osaki 8 Ordeals in Point Break relate to public relations.

Read this article to see how Point Break’s Osaki 8 Ordeals relate to public relations.

Read on to learn the 8 Ordeals of PR, as based on the challenges in Point Break.

PR Lessons from Point Break: The 8 Ordeals of Public Relations

  1. Emerging Force

The first Osaki 8 Ordeal the criminals committed was called Emerging Force. In public relations, this first hurdle is the beginning of your campaign. Start strong and with a solid plan in mind and you will emerge victorious. Continue reading