Social Media: The Right Time to Tweet

When is your target audience on Twitter?

When is your target audience on Twitter?

How often do you tweet (post an update on Twitter) for your small business? This social media giant is an incredible way to reach your audience and share new and exciting information. With 24 hours in a day and only 140 characters, the chances of your audience seeing your tweet could be slim, but not if you know when they’re online. This infographic breaks down when your customers are Twitter and how to reach them.

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How to Boost a Facebook Post [Advertising Guide]

This is a picture of a woman using a computer.

Follow this guide to boost a Facebook post.

Are you trying to make your business more visible on Facebook? You may want to consider investing in a Facebook boosted post. Unlike traditional Facebook ads that show up in the side bars of the network’s page, boosted posts appear directly in users’ newsfeeds, giving them much more visibility.

Why a Facebook Boosted Post?

There are a lot of benefits to advertising on Facebook. In addition to being able to set your own budget, it’s very easy to run an ad and, based on the results we’ve seen for Three Girls and our clients, effective. Continue reading

3 Social Media Lessons from a Sunburn

What social media lessons can you learn from the beach?

What social media lessons can you learn from the beach?

This weekend I suffered the results of too much fun in the sun: a sunburn. Though my time in Ocean Shores, WA was worth the pain, I can’t help but think I could have done something differently. Like a sunburn, a social media campaign can start of fun and end in discomfort if not taken care of properly. Here are three social media lessons I thought about this weekend.

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4 Social Media Marketing Lessons from a Day at the Park

You might be surprised how many social media marketing lessons you can learn from a day at the park! As much as I miss the gray, rainy weather we’re used to in the Pacific Northwest, the sunny skies have given me plenty of opportunities to take my daughter to the park. As I was watching her play last week, I started thinking about similarities to social media marketing.

4 Social Media Marketing Lessons from a Day at the Park

This is a picture of kids playing at the park.

Don’t miss these 4 social media marketing lessons from a day at the park!

1. Plan ahead. I admit this isn’t always my forte. I don’t know how many times I’ve been the mom that forgets the sunscreen, water or snacks. Still, the day goes much better when I plan ahead, just like your social media marketing will be more successful by planning ahead. We even recommend creating an editorial calendar for your social media channels.

2. Pay attention. Just like you should watch your kids while they play at the park, it’s important to keep an eye on your social media channels. Are users leaving comments or questions? Reply in a timely manner! Are there certain types of posts that followers seem to prefer? Revise your strategy to include more of them! By paying attention, you can learn a lot. Continue reading

Social Media: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Writing in a calendar.

What’s in your editorial calendar?

Writing relevant and timely social media posts is essential for having a rich and lively business page. When customers and fans see an update that they like and have an opinion about, they are more likely to comment and share. One way to stay current on trends is to create an editorial calendar. If you’re not sure what an editorial calendar is or what you should include, here is everything you need to know. Continue reading