PUNCH! Media & Marketing Made Easy

Punch! Logo PUNCH! Media & Marketing Made Easy was a live, hour-long radio show that aired on San Francisco’s KDOW, The Wall Street Business Network, dedicated to educating business owners, entrepreneurs and managers on everything related to public relations, marketing, social and traditional media, branding, advertising and much more.

The program, hosted by Three Girls Media’s Founder & CEO, Erika Taylor Montgomery, interviewed nearly 200 experts and their conversations can be heard in the show’s archives. Check out links to the most popular episodes below!

1. How to Use Online PR for Your Business

Erika chats with Kari DePhillips of The Content Factory (www.ContentFac.com) about, “How to Use Online PR to Promote Your Business.” They discuss the differences between traditional public relations and online PR, the benefits of online public relations, how to leverage the media coverage your company receives, how to prepare for an online PR campaign, how search engine optimization (SEO) can affect online public relations and how companies can stand out from their competition when working on online PR. Listen to the episode here.

2. Facebook for Business

In this segment, Erika and Lee Lonitz of Design for Site (www.DesignforSite.com) discuss the reasons companies should include Facebook in their social media marketing efforts. Listen to the episode: Part 1 & Part 2.

3. Do You Really Need Public Relations?

Erika chats with Anje Collins of Agenda Miami and Women in PR (www.WomenInPR.org) about how to do public relations effectively on a small budget, advertising vs. PR and how soon you can expect to see results from a PR campaign. Listen to the episode here.

4. How To Blog A Book

Erika’s guest, Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book (www.HowToBlogABook.com) discusses the benefits of blogging for business executives, how you can use your blog to create a book, building credibility through becoming a author, gaining top Google status, how long it takes to blog a book, the process of blogging a book and more. Listen to the episode here.

5. How To Promote Your Business Online

Erika chats with Lee Schneider of the Red Cup Agency (www.RedCupAgency.com) about “How to Promote Your Business Online.” They discuss how businesses can narrow down the social media networks that they should be participating in and how they should manage the various platforms. They also talk about the concept of ‘Content is King’ online, how blogging and other content can help bring quality customers to your website and more. Listen here: Part 1 & Part 2.

6. Blogging For Business

Erika shares insight into Twitter including the lifespan of a tweet and how frequently businesses should be tweeting. Also, her guest Bill Belew of www.BillBelew.com shares insight into blogging for businesses, the benefits of blogging, how he pays his mortgage through blogging and more. Listen to the episode here.

7. How To Effectively Pitch The Media

Erika chats with Julia Kocs of KOCS Branding & Communications about, “How to Effectively Pitch the Media.” They discuss exactly what a media pitch is, why getting media coverage can change the life of your business, how to find contact information for journalists and free services that give you journalist’s information. Listen to the episode here.

8. Ads vs. Public Relations

Erika covers the differences between advertising and public relations. Then her guest, Barry Cohen of AdLab Media Communications (www.adlabcreative.com), discusses “Advertising 101.” They cover the first thing a company should do when they want to promote their business, market research, how to choose what medium you should advertise in, online marketing, the media landscape, selling benefits & features, emotional purchasing and more. Listen to the episode here.

9. How To Use Twitter For Business

Erika shares “4 Social Media Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.” Then she chats with Lee Lonitz of Design for Site (www.DesignforSite.com) about “To Tweet or Not to Tweet: How to Use Twitter for Your Business.” They talk about the uniqueness of Twitter as a social platform, if all businesses should be using Twitter and the core demographics of a Twitter user. Listen to the episode here.

10. Public Relations Trends

Erika chats with Aaron Heinrich, Managing Director of SHIFT Communications’ San Francisco office about, “Public Relations Trends.” They discuss how the PR industry has changed in the last decade, how social media has revolutionized public relations, and how important visual communication like video is. They also discuss the hesitancy of some companies to engage in social media. Listen here: Part 1 & Part 2.

11. Effectively Using Social Media

Erika shares “5 Tips to Engage Your Audience on Social Media.” Then she chats with Janet DaParino, The Social Media Queen, about “How to Use Social Media More Effectively.” They discuss where companies should start when it comes to social media, the cover image on Facebook and how to maximize them, and the importance of being consistent with your brand across social media platforms. Listen to the episode here.

12. How to Create Great Content

Erika chats with Skip Besthoff, CEO of InboundWriter about “How to Create Great Content.” They discuss how to define great content and why marketers should care, how companies can tell if their current content is good for the web and how marketers can go about creating better content. Listen to the episode here.

13. Marketing Advice Essential for Success

Erika chats with Patrick McFadden of McFadden Consulting LLC about, “Marketing Advice That’s Essential for Success.” They start by talking about the core definition of marketing and branding, their differences and what a brand is and isn’t. Next, they discuss what the essential key is to getting a client to hire you or having someone to purchase your product and focus groups and how they can help with that essential key. Listen to the episode here.

14. Social Media Best Practices

Erika covers 5 Tips for Social Media Inspiration. Then she chats with Harry Gold of Overdrive Interactive (www.OverdriveInteractive.com) about what B2B marketers should know about using social media. Listen to the episode here.

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