3 Tips to Improve Engagement on Facebook

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A leading challenge for many business owners is achieving direct engagement through their Facebook ads. While millions are now harnessing Facebook to make contact with friends, family, and coworkers, small business owners are struggling to capitalize on the traffic available. A leading cause behind the problem is a limited understanding on Facebook page design. In this latest post, we’ll explore more on the problem and highlight three tips for improving ad engagement on Facebook.

3 Tips to Improve Facebook Engagement

  1. Test Photos to Minimize Wasted Time

Business owners often find that their promoted posts are disapproved by Facebook as a result of a photo resolution issue. The issue could be minor but without a clear understanding on Facebook specifications, you won’t be able to achieve approval. It’s important to test the ad first before integrating it within your page.Facebook image text detection tool will be a good fit for this. Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs Facebook Advertising

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Have you considered advertising on Facebook? This blog post provides advice.

Whether you’re announcing a product launch, a social media promotion, a fundraising campaign or your next event appearance, social media advertising should be an important piece of your business’ digital marketing campaign. While there are many social networks to choose from, each with a slightly difference audience, we like to start with what we refer to as, “The hundred pound gorilla in the room,” which is Facebook. Targeted Facebook ads are often an effective way to deliver the results your company is looking for and help you reach large number of soon-to-be loyal customers.

Is Facebook advertising really right for your business, and will it be a good fit for your budget? As Emily Sidley stated in her article, How to Run a Successful Social Media Advertising Campaign, “Running a social media advertising campaign is very cost-effective; you can choose a daily budget or a set amount for the life of the ad, and then the platform will charge you a few cents to a couple of dollars per click. Compared to traditional advertising, the overall cost is much more manageable for small businesses!”

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How to Plan a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

Want your holiday marketing strategy to be successful? Read this article!

Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time to focus on dusting off the decorations and preparing your company for holiday marketing opportunities. Starting to plan and perfect your strategy now will really pay off later, so you can enjoy the holidays stress-free with friends and family. When you’re eating Thanksgiving dinner or attending holiday tree-lighting festivals, you should be free to clear your mind and rest assured your company’s marketing is well-planned and running on its own. Keep reading to learn how to plan and execute a successful holiday marketing strategy.

Planning for the Holidays: How to Prime Your Marketing Strategy

Between marketing holiday discounts and promoting products or services to new or existing customers, this time of year is busy for business owners. Needless to say, it is common for many entrepreneurs to neglect some facets of their marketing campaigns simply because they lack the time to execute them effectively.

One of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is that it is an enjoyable activity for users, so they spend lots of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Unlike traditional journalism, which may not reach your intended audience due to paywalls or specialized readership, social media marketing allows individuals and businesses to relay information as quickly as they can to their audiences; this helps them target their messages in an effective way. Continue reading