Social Media Resource! Tips, Tricks & Tidbits from Three Girls Media

How can you manage your company’s social media more efficiently? Erika Taylor Montgomery (CEO) shares a helpful resource in this video!

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11 of the Best Public Relations & Content Marketing Tools

Don’t miss these 11 helpful content marketing and public relations tools!

There are a lot of tools out there to help you with public relations and content marketing. But which ones are worth taking the time to learn how to use? Or even pay for? Personalized PR and custom content marketing take time, but it’s worth it!

Here are the top 11 tools and resources we love at Three Girls Media; feel free to check them out, or if you want help managing your company’s content or public relations, contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Content Marketing Tools & Resources

1. Adobe Spark

“Instantly combine photos and text into eye-catching professional graphics. From collages to posters to magazine covers, the possibilities are limitless.”

This convenient tool is a fantastic way to create images and graphics, videos or web stories. You can use it for free, as long as you don’t mind Adobe Spark adding their branding at the end of your video, or you can upgrade to remove it. This tool has a wide range of templates you can customize into the exact piece of content you want, whether you plan to post it on your business’ social media channels, include it in a blog post or add it to your website.

Want examples of this tool in action? Check out this video I made about the difference between a media pitch and a press release, or watch Beth Adan’s video about social media trends below.

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Budgeting for Public Relations & Marketing: How Much to Spend

You likely know your business needs public relations and marketing, but how much should you budget for it? Well, it depends on a few factors.

Public Relations Firm vs. In-House PR

Piggy bank wearing glasses, standing next to a calculator

Follow this guide to know how much to budget for public relations and marketing!

First of all, are you going to hire a PR firm or bring on a full-time employee to manage your public relations and marketing? There are pros and cons to each solution. PR Daily describes the differences well:

Companies often call employees their most important asset—a misnomer, as it implies the company owns those individuals. However, companies make investments in their people in time, training, resources and money—just like an asset. Depending on the staff you hire, that investment can run $5,000 to $10,000 a month or more.

In return for that investment, you expect the people you hire to be committed to your organization – learning, understanding, and in the case of a PR professional, advocating for your company or your cause.

However, that commitment may come at a cost. Is your PR team abreast of the latest trends and technology? Can they handle peak periods of activity, or special situations? Can you justify their cost when times are slow and you must reduce departmental spending? Probably not. Continue reading

What Should My Business Post on Social Media?

What should you post on social media? Here are 11 creative ideas.

I’m sure you hear it over and over again –post regularly on social media to leverage the power of your following, create brand ambassadors and increase your company’s name recognition online. Posting to social media is one thing, but publishing strategically and sharing the right content is another beast entirely. For those who are unsure what to post, this article provides some helpful ideas that can get your creative juices flowing.

8 Challenges of Creative Content Marketing

It isn’t easy to come up with fresh, new and exciting ideas for your business day in and day out. As Jeff Bullas mentions, there are eight main challenges that can be barriers to your content marketing plan. They are:

  1. Finding inspiration and ideas for the content
  2. Creating it
  3. Making it relevant
  4. Resourcing it
  5. Managing it
  6. Monitoring it
  7. Measuring it
  8. Making it “liquid” and contagious

As CoSchedule continues, the most important questions to ask yourself when determining if content is a good fit are:

  1. What’s in it for my audience?
  2. Would I click on this?
  3. Is this relevant to my business?

Without a solid plan, like creating, drafting and scheduling your posts at least a week at a time, this can feel overwhelming to the average busy business owner. To really shine, you might have to step outside your comfort zone. Continue reading

Asked and Answered: 9 More Facebook Marketing Questions

Back in August, I shared about 7 commonly asked Facebook marketing questions and offered advice for embarking upon a successful social media marketing campaign. There are many benefits of having an online presence, and no company should miss out on the value of being on social media.

Facebook marketing, like any other project, requires research. We like to use a powerful tool called Buzzsumo  to help us generate ideas, find relevant keywords, learn about new industry trends, reach out to social influencers and monitor online mentions. Buzzsumo helps us provide relevant content for both ourselves and our clients.

What questions have you always had about Facebook marketing?

What questions have you always had about Facebook marketing?

Buzzsumo’s Susan Moeller recently shared an article with the answers to 56 common Facebook marketing questions, including both the company’s insight and Mari Smith, who has been dubbed the “Queen of Facebook.” Last time, we answered seven of those questions; here are the answers to nine more.

9 More Common Facebook Marketing Questions, Answered

  1. What types of posts perform the best on Facebook?

Buzzsumo’s Insight:

Buzzsumo found posts that included a question at the end performed better than other types of content. Their research included questions that had been set up by Facebook’s poll function. They also found that posts containing a question and an image did much better and gained more engagements than other types of posts. Continue reading