3 Social Media Contest Lessons from Taken 3

3 Social Media Contest Lessons from Taken 3

Recently the marketers behind “Taken 3” held a contest on LinkedIn to generate page followers. The winner of the contest received a video on their LinkedIn page showing star Liam Neeson reading their “special skills.” Follow the success of the film’s social media contest and hold one of your own that is engaging and enticing to fans and followers of your small business.3 Social Media Contest Lessons

  1. Offer A Valued Prize

Your small business may not be able to offer a celebrity endorsed LinkedIn page, but provide something that is of interest to contest participants. Whether the prize is a coupon for a percentage off products or free goods, make it something worth their engagement.

  1. Make It Easy

The “Taken 3” contest could not have been made easier. To enter for a chance at the prize all you had to do is follow their page on LinkedIn. Boom. Done. You’re entered in the contest. There’s no value in making fans jump through hoops and go out of their way to enter in. You’ve created the contest to get them involved with your brand, so make it easy on them.

  1. Promote the Contest Across Social Media Channels

The event for “Taken 3” was promoted on YouTube and Facebook even though the contest was specifically for LinkedIn. The value of posting contest information on all company social media platforms is the increase in number of people reached. Don’t limit the number of potential contestants by limiting the span of the contest on your social media channels.

Social media contests are a fun and exciting way to interact with, and engage, customers and fans of your brand. Have you ever held a social media contest? Share your experiences and tips for holding a successful contest.

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