Facebook Updates: How to be Engaging Part 1

Facebook Updates: How to be Engaging Part 1
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How do you get likes with Facebook updates?

Creating Facebook updates that are engaging is important to any social media campaign. The more enchanting a post, the more user interaction you will receive. Here are five tips from Digital Information World to write engaging updates.

5 Facebook Update Writing Tips

  1. Be Natural

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is a casual atmosphere. Drop the formalities and keep your language relaxed on posts.

  1. Be Relevant

For some, Facebook is their primary way to read news events. Create posts that can be read and used right now. There’s nothing like an irrelevant post to deter user interaction.

  1. Be Visual

The use of images and visuals can skyrocket your rate of interaction. Using the right visuals for your company and audience is a great way to improve your profile.

  1. Be Succinct

Less is more when it comes to word count. Be as descriptive as you can while being brief. Posts around 80 words are best for interaction.

  1. Be Emotional

The best way to engage with fans is to relate to them. Use compelling language to encourage responses and shares.

Engaging Facebook updates are essential for any social media campaign. When writing posts it is best to be casual, relevant, succinct, emotional and use visuals. Share with us your favorite Facebook tips in the comments below and come back next week for five more tips.

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