Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for your brand to use content marketing for a seasonal awareness push. Products, contests and promotions centered on the holiday are simple ways for you to increase your fan following and gain better name recognition. Which brands have the best content marketing tactics this Thanksgiving? Read on for three great examples.

This is an image of Thanksgiving dinner.

What Thanksgiving content marketing examples have you seen?

3 Best Thanksgiving Content Marketing Examples

  1. Butterball’s Turkey Talk Hotline

Anyone who’s ever prepared a Thanksgiving dinner knows how much effort goes into roasting a turkey. Butterball’s Turkey Talk Hotline is a great example of seasonal content marketing because it helps to fill a need their customers may have. Holiday cooks can place a call and reach professional chefs and turkey experts directly.

  1. “How Enlightened Families Argue” by Kyle Cease

Thanksgiving comes with lots of food, but it can also come with lots of stress and anxiety. Anyone with a large or semi-dysfunctional family knows the holiday is something to endure rather than enjoy. Kyle Cease, a motivational speaker, created this funny and illuminating video to educate viewers on how awareness can change everything. Are any of these characters familiar to you?


  1. Seven Genius Ways to Use up Thanksgiving Leftovers by Delish and Aldi

Once the relatives have left, you may be faced with quite a few leftovers. Delish and Aldi have paired up to create a list of 7 Genius Ways to Use up Thanksgiving Leftovers, much different from the classic turkey sandwich, ensuring you don’t let any go to waste. Creating a helpful list of items can engage potential customers and increase brand awareness and name recognition.

Butterball, Kyle Cease, Delish and Aldi all wowed their customers with great content marketing placements. What other examples have you seen this Thanksgiving season?

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