It is important to say thank you when it comes to public relations and marketing, but how do you go about thanking someone effectively?

When To Say Thanks

Showing your appreciation is an often overlooked part of public relations.It’s shocking how often business owners take media coverage and referrals for granted. Whether another entrepreneur gives you a referral or someone from the media writes about your company, taking the time to send gift baskets, thank you cards or even just a thank you email can go a long way. 

Writing Effective Thank You Cards

A man writing design concept "keep it simple stupid" , thank you

Keeping it simple is a great strategy to keep in mind for writing thank you cards.

Some people get overwhelmed with the thought of handwriting thank you cards. As the common public relations mantra goes, “Keep it simple, stupid.” Next time you go to the store, pick up a package of thank you cards to have on hand. Then, whenever someone does something for your business that you appreciate, pull one out and jot down a quick note. It’s fine if it’s short (even just a few sentences), but remember to include a few personal details. For example:

Thank you so much for including my business in your article about public relations advice. I loved seeing the tips you pulled together (I especially liked #3). Thanks again!

Before you seal the envelope, make sure you throw in your business card and any other fun branded items that might be useful. This will help with your brand awareness and ensure they have your correct contact information.

More Than A Thank You Card

A gift basket, thank you

Gift baskets are a great way to say thank you!

Sometimes it’s nice to go above and beyond a thank you card, in which case a gift basket can be nice. You can get creative with this, too. For example, if you make bagels, why not send a nice spread along with the card? Saying thank you doesn’t need to break the bank to be an effective part of your company’s public relations strategy, but it does need to be said.

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