I have a confession to make that doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with content marketing strategies at first. After I finish work and put down my computer for the night, I binge watch TV shows thanks to Netflix’s instant streaming. For hours I sit there, working my way through one show at a time and adding intriguing titles to my queue for later. I know I’m not the only one indulging in show after show thanks to Netflix. But did you know there are public relations and content marketing strategies you can learn from this company that makes it so easy to binge watch movies and TV shows?

4 Public Relations And Content Marketing Strategies From Netflix

Here are 4 public relations and content marketing strategies you can learn from Netflix and how to apply them to your marketing collateral.

  1. Make it easy to continue. One of the most addicting features about Netflix is that when one episode ends the next begins automatically, and after you finish the series or movie it offers suggestions for what to watch next. With the click of a button you can move to the next show. How can you apply this principle to your business? Make it easy to move from one blog post to the next. Include links to your other marketing collateral and suggest articles for your site’s visitors to read when they get to the end of a page.
  2. Easy access.
    public relations and content marketing strategies

    Make sure your content marketing is mobile friendly to reach the highest number of people.

    You can stream Netflix through your TV, computer, tablet and smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can watch it. The same goes for your business. In today’s world it’s vital that your company site and marketing collateral are mobile friendly and can be easily viewed on tablets and smartphones in addition to computers.

  3. Feature your content. When you sign into Netflix, they offer a suggestion of something to watch. Whether it’s a new show they just started streaming or a movie they’re featuring that day, there’s always something right there you can click on to watch right away. For your business, you can apply this strategy by putting your content marketing collateral front and center. Include your blog roll on the home page of your website. Share recent posts on your Facebook page. Post your recent e-newsletter on LinkedIn. Put your content right in front of your followers and fans so all they need to do is read.
  4. Visuals. Since Netflix is all about movies and TV shows, visuals come with the territory. But they do more than just offer video to stream. As you browse through available titles, they show screenshots of the movie or show. Visuals are powerful. In fact, research shows that the more you use visuals in social media, the more engaged your followers are. Make sure any marketing collateral you create for your business includes at least one picture and, if appropriate, a video.

Are you as addicted to Netflix as I am? What public relations and content marketing strategies can you take from them to apply to your business?

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