An e-newsletter is a fantastic way to stay in touch with current, potential and former clients — but sometimes it can be hard to know what content to include. Next time you’re stuck brainstorming ideas for your newsletter, here are a few writing tips to keep in mind.

5 E-Newsletter Writing Tips

  1. Recycle your content! This is one of my top writing tips. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Pull one of your recent blog posts, or an older one that’s still relevant, and add it to your newsletter. You can even copy/paste the beginning and then add a link that reads, “Find out more on my blog.”
  2. Share what’s new. Is your company offering any new services? Did you just win an award? Share it in your newsletter! There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a public pat on the back, as long as the article isn’t too long or the only content you include.
  3. Relate to your surroundings. Is there something going on in the news that relates to your business? Weigh in with your opinion and ask your readers to reply with their thoughts or questions.
  4. Make a recommendation. From a book you just read to a business you love working with, let your readers know why they should give whatever it is you’re recommending a try.
  5. Get personal. Don’t be afraid to add some personal news — just don’t get too personal! Share a few fun recent highlights, like a fun celebration or outing. Remember to keep it brief and steer clear of sharing too much.

    Have fun in an e-newsletter

    Show your readers the fun side of your business by including something personal about your company in your e-newsletter.

Are you successful coming up with new ideas for your newsletter on a regular basis? What writing tips do you recommend other business owners try?

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