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What Is It?

CloseForChiro (C4C) is a proven training course designed for chiropractors, by chiropractors, to teach the fundamentals of sales, marketing and operations.

Sales is often treated as a dirty four-letter word not to be trusted. CloseForChiro is different, with a goal of helping chiropractors see the value in themselves and develop the skills necessary to communicate that value to their patients. Through needs discovery and building long-lasting, profitable patient/doctor relationships, CloseForChiro helps chiropractors boost close rates and thrive in business.  CloseForChiro wants practitioners across the nation to see the light and understand how to use sales and marketing with an ethical and value-driven perspective.

CloseForChiro is run by three chiropractors who have implemented the course’s lessons themselves and are the best sales training providers in the industry – Dr. Dan was the first! Each overcame hurdles in their own practices, joining forces to become a dynamic trio offering their own unique lessons and viewpoints in an entertaining and engaging course.

How It Works

What CloseForChiro teaches is just as important as how they teach. Although they are each successful chiropractors, first and foremost they are focused on being the best teachers they can be. They bring their unique personalities, experiences and humor to the course for an interactive and engaging experience.

During the seven-week on-demand course, students can expect live calls, known as PrePods, with a coach and other students where they role-play and perform what they were taught in that week’s material. Students will also receive weekly quizzes and assignments that are reviewed and evaluated with genuine feedback.

Topics include:

  • How to build rapport without kissing ass.
  • X-ray diagnostics and how to present them without sounding like a nerd.
  • How to predict and preemptively deal with objections.
  • And more!

After graduating from the course, students are armed with the tools they need to increase close rates and achieve their personal definition of success. All graduates are welcome to join the HoldingTank, a group for graduates and VIP Members only, for additional support along the way.

Meet The Drs.

Dan Bai, DC: Founder and CEO. After graduating from Life University in 2001, Dr. Dan was immediately met with adversity which he turned into success. The challenges he faced helped develop and shape CloseForChiro.

Based in Chicago, Dr. Dan thrives on the creative process, which he unleashes on the CloseForChiro program. When asked what he’s great at, he will always answer: being a kick-ass teacher first and foremost. He knows that makes all the difference.


Jen Rozenhart, DC: Chief Executioner. Originally from Canada, this Arizona transplant attributes her success to one thing: her relentless pursuit to see results not only for herself, but also for those she teaches and mentors.

Dr. Jen brings a perspective that is unique and relatable. Aside from keeping Sean and Dan in “check,” she is responsible for executing a plethora of duties at CloseForChiro. She’s never late, gets sh*t done and always does it with a smile.


Sean Rundle, DC: Chief Innovation Officer. If you need a push in the right direction in your business, Dr. Sean is your man. As a veteran practitioner, he is always looking for creative ways to explain and teach business concepts that are usually either too complex or just outright boring. Hailing from Southern California, he is stoked to be a part of the C4C movement.

Considered the lovable teddy bear, Sean always knows your name and people naturally want to be around him at parties.


Want to Learn More? You can find more information about CloseForChiro through their website or by calling 815-534-5567.

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