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In addition to opening Curvy Girl Lingerie, Chrystal Bougon is an author, blogger, sex toy expert and owner/founder of, a tasteful online romance store.

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What is Curvy Girl Lingerie? Curvy Girl Lingerie is the first lingerie store in the U.S. for plus-size women. With a “Sexy Is For Every Body” motto, the online store carries lingerie in sizes 14-6x and a variety of sex toys. In addition to selling products and lingerie on the store’s website (, they host pop-up parties, in which local customers can come see the products and try on the lingerie.

Owner Chrystal Bougon created Curvy Girl because she believes all women deserve a safe place to shop, without judgment, where they can find sexy lingerie and panties that fit well and make them feel good about themselves. She empowers customers daily to feel beautiful, unapologetic, empowered, and like sexual beings who love themselves now – not 50 less pounds from now. Unlike the stereotypes of sad, self-conscious plus-size women seen in the media, Chrystal and her Curvy Girl following are fat, happy, confident and loving life!

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Who is Chrystal Bougon? In addition to opening Curvy Girl Lingerie, Chrystal Bougon is an author, blogger, sex toy expert and owner/founder of, a tasteful online romance store. A high-tech corporate refugee who switched to sex tech in 2003, Chrystal’s mission is to teach women and couples of all sizes how to have better sex and incorporate toys into their romantic life.

What has Chrystal written? Released in 2016, Making It Hot: Sex Tips From The Curvy Girl Playbook shares the secrets to a hot and satisfying sex life NOW, regardless of readers’ sizes, activity levels or other health challenges. Chrystal writes about the importance of open honesty between partners as well as helpful approaches and techniques that work well for curvy women. Available both as a paperback and on Kindle.

Additional e-book titles by Chrystal are available here.

What is BlissConnection? Chrystal’s other venture, BlissConnection, is a tasteful romance store that sells hundreds of exciting adult toys, luxurious lubricants, edible massage oils, fun costumes and more! With discreet billing and shipping via online shopping nationwide and home pleasure parties in the San Francisco Bay Area, BlissConnection’s goal is to help women find high quality, reliable products that will bring the bliss back into their love life.

Story Ideas:

  1. Love your body as-is, flaws and all! Chrystal is all about inspiring women to love themselves as they are now. She says, “As I tell my customers, we’re big, we’re proud and we love our bodies. Get used to it!”
  2. Embracing “regular” women’s true beauty. Chrystal’s “Regular Women – Un-Photoshopped” campaign was a major success! Based on a customer’s suggestion, she asked women of all shapes and sizes to post pictures of themselves in lingerie. She wanted to connect with the “regular” people out there in the Internet world and show them that for most Curvies, they have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed babies. And they can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.
  3. Chrystal as a ‘sexpert.’ With her extensive experience in the field, Chrystal can offer amazing sex insight in informative and FCC friendly language. Her suggestions for beating boredom in the bedroom have proven successful for thousands of couples of all sizes, regardless of prior complications.
  4. Beating boredom in the bedroom. Chrystal’s suggestions for beating boredom in the bedroom have proved successful for thousands of couples, regardless of prior complications, and have helped them enjoy the benefits sex offers, including physical health, less stress and a stronger relationship.

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