Gregory Erich Phillips, Author




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Who is he? Fiction author Gregory Erich Phillips is known for telling aspirational stories through strong characters that transcend time and place. His historical and contemporary novels feature strong, female protagonists that are genuine and relatable.

What has he written? As a fiction author, Gregory aims to shine light on universal truth through the hero(ine)’s journey. He is the grand prize winner of the Chanticleer Book Awards and first place winner of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest for mainstream fiction. Gregory’s fiction novels include:

Where can you learn more about him? You can learn more about Gregory’s books on his website and connect with him on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

Where does he find inspiration? How do Gregory’s stories come to life? He finds inspiration by imagining himself in a particular time, place or situation. That helps him take on the potential character’s mindset and see a first-hand view of the conflicts they face. Much of this comes to him while outdoors walking, hiking or simply sitting in nature.

Gregory also draws inspiration from other authors, specifically Ernest Hemingway’s concise narratives. “There’s never a wasted word, yet it is full of descriptiveness, emotion and nuance. I study his craft.” Other authors that inspire and influence Gregory include:

  • His father, Michael R. Phillips, a career novelist
  • John Steinbeck
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

What does he do outside of writing? Dance has played a major role in Gregory’s life for more than two decades, providing innumerable life experiences and connecting him to people around the world. “Through dance, I have developed a varied and multi-cultural circle of friends, and this has impacted my outlook on the world, which comes through clearly in my novels.”

He sees dancing with a partner as a way of connecting and understanding other people while allowing them to understand you. “When you dance with someone, you have to put yourself out there, so to speak, and allow an intimate connection to happen. All those connections over the years have undoubtedly influenced my writing, helping me to write deeper characters.”

Gregory specifically enjoys dancing tango, having appeared on stages in Seattle, San Francisco and New York City. He also loves music (singing and playing the violin), cooking and getting outdoors by hiking in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, Gregory also loves to read (what fiction author doesn’t?), seeking out stories with inspiring characters. He especially enjoys the early twentieth century American novelists as well as contemporary fiction and history.