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What Is it: Impulsive Walrus Books is a small press publisher of fantasy and science fiction run by Frog and Esther Jones. Esther is the owner and president of Impulsive Walrus, responsible for running the business and publishing side of the press, while Frog is the acquisitions editor and runs the author and editing side.

Frog and Esther fell into publishing much like they did writing. They’d always had an interest in it, but their friends fanned that spark into something much bigger. One night at a book launch party for Sanan Kolva, Frog told a bunch of authors a story about cows, a catapult and a coconut. By the end of Frog’s story, a whole room full of authors wanted to take two lines from that story and write their very own unique cow opus.

It was then that Frog spoke the words, “We can do an anthology! I’ll edit it.” He turned to Esther with a hopeful gleam in his eye, fueled by congratulatory cake, and said, “We can publish that, right?”

Fast forward to the present: Impulsive Walrus Books finds and publishes stories they love into a growing library of spectacular speculative fiction. Their goal is always to tell stories their readers can’t resist, that transport them to other worlds, other places and other times, making it hard to put the story down.


Where Is It:

Impulsive Walrus Books is located in Shelton, Washington. You can learn more about Impulsive Walrus Books by visiting their website and their Facebook page, where Frog hosts weekly “Coffee and Story Time.”



Blackbox Protocol

Impulsive Walrus Books’ newest publication, Blackbox Protocol, is an intriguing story based on the role-playing game Neverwhen. Fans of fantasy and role-playing games will find this book to be a thrilling read.

Well, It’s Your Cow

Frog’s original story can be found in this book’s foreword, and its key line became the title of this anthology. The book’s other authors seized upon that line, much like an out-of-control bovine seizing its own halter, and stampeded into the volume you see before you.

Grace Under Fire

The first book in this six-part series, Grace Under Fire follows the adventures of Grace Moore. When she is sent by her Grove to deal with an attack in nearby Spokane, where the summoners have been wiped out.

Coup De Grace

Book two in this six-part series, Coup de Grace follows Robert Lorents, now a high school graduate, and Grace Moore in more exciting adventures. Robert Lorents is now balancing senior projects with a demon-banishing side gig, and his mentor, Grace, can’t even stir herself to help him out. She’s off to Las Vegas and other places on “Grove Business” or some rubbish.