Judi Bagnato

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About Contemporary Artist Judi Bagnato

Judi Bagnato is a talented contemporary artist in Scottsdale, Arizona who creates inspiring, eye-catching pieces using her faith as a subtle guide, focusing on what she feels, not what she sees. Realizing the market for faith-inspired artwork mainly consisted of mass-produced prints of Bible verse quotes, she knew she was called to create original upscale and sophisticated artwork that could stand on its own as well as provide a visual expression of faith.

She has established herself as a well-known and respected artist in the art-savvy Scottsdale region and beyond. When not creating works of her own inspiration, she is frequently commissioned by interior designers as well as hospitality and healthcare consultants to paint her distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces. Although Judi’s works are faith-based, the beautiful paintings have mass secular appeal and are equally admired by non-Christian patrons.

Judi’s Inspiration

Inspired by her belief that our surroundings should affect us in a positive, uplifting way, Judi uses mixed media to create meaningful, captivating works of art that invite a sense of peace and tranquility into any space. Painting with intention, she infuses every piece with the emotions of the moment, inviting the observer to reflect and look deeper. Judi’s desire is to create works that positively transform the atmosphere of any room, as well as soothe, inspire and restore.

How Judi Creates Her Artwork

Judi starts every painting with a prayer or Bible verse in mind and incorporates it into her work. Although the words are obscured and often do not show up in the final art, it is the foundation of the painting that she then builds upon in multiple layers of subtle colors and textures. Using the chosen Bible verse as her initial inspiration adds to the feeling of love, light and joy experienced when viewing her work. 

Where Can You Find Artwork By Judi Bagnato?

Judi Bagnato’s artwork can be found in private and corporate collections across the country as well as internationally, including at the Ritz-Carlton, MGM Resorts, Virgin Atlantic and more.

Judi’s presence in the Scottsdale area can be seen in the homes of many residents and her paintings are sold directly from her website.

How Much Is Judi’s Art?

The artist’s original small-format works begin at a highly affordable rate of just $50, and large-format paintings and commissioned works start in the $1,000 range.

Want To Learn More About Judi?

Learn more about Judi Bagnato and her paintings through her website https://judibagnatoart.com/ or visit her Facebook or Instagram pages.