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What Is It?

LIBAERTY is a woman’s clothing brand dedicated to creating durable and practical workwear that keep a woman’s silhouette in mind, allowing them to excel in their work and feel good doing it. Most rugged apparel on the market for women is designed with a “shrink and pink” method – shrinking and adding pink to men’s designs. LIBAERTY is different. All articles of clothing are designed specifically for the female body in styles that are comfortable –without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Every piece of clothing created by LIBAERTY goes through a rigorous development process, which includes field testing from tradeswomen, before they get the final stamp of approval for production.


Who Is It For?

LIBAERTY was designed for women who work in skilled trades and need the functionality and safety of clothing traditionally designed for men in the field. From project managers and architects to the weekend warriors and craft hobbyists, women will find that these pieces of clothing stand up to the tasks before them while remaining comfortable and stylish. All items from LIBAERTY are made for women, made for work and made to last.


Why Is It Important?

LIBAERTY understands the importance of having comfortable and safe clothing for those who perform manually demanding tasks. With a growing number of women working in these industries and choosing more labor-intensive hobbies, it is critical they have the ability to wear clothing that fits well, holds up to the tasks and can be worn all day.

  • 2 million women work in a skilled trade industry.
  • In the construction industry alone 330,000 women perform manual work as tradeswomen.
  • 1.7 million women work in manufacturing sectors that require durable professional workwear.
  • 1.2 million women work in the transportation industry.
  • 500,000 women work in architectural and engineering services.
  • There is no other brand in the U.S. that exclusively creates high-visibility workwear for women.

In these traditionally male-driven environments, women’s clothing is not given much consideration. LIBAERTY is made for women and meant to last.

Want To Learn More?

You can learn more about Chicago-based LIBAERTY on their website

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