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What Is It? mytaptrack® is a handheld device and online platform designed to accurately and instantly track the symptoms and behaviors of children with special needs. Founder and CEO Nikody Keating devised the system when his son Owen, who has autism, experienced symptoms of absence seizures while at school. Due to the slow pace of communication between Owen’s teacher, parents and neurologist, this information was not relayed until a month after the symptoms occurred in class. While Owen did receive care and medication for the seizures, Nikody came away from the experience determined to develop a system for instant communication and more accurate data tracking. Hence, mytaptrack® was born. 

mytaptrack® uses cloud technology to transmit button-press recordings from a teacher’s hand to a HIPAA and FERPA-compliant online platform. There, the information is recorded, charted and can be shared in real-time with the child’s care team, usually comprised of parents, teachers, doctors or therapists. Parents of children with special needs know that symptom tracking is a critical part of ensuring their child receives the best care possible for a healthy and happy childhood. Effective communication between members of a child’s care team are paramount to their personal success, and mytaptrack® creates an instantaneous system with an accurate data infrastructure.

mytaptrack® is an AWS EdStart member, and won Classroom Tech Solution Of The Year at the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards.

Where Is It? mytaptrack® is headquartered in Enumclaw, Washington. You can learn more about mytaptrack® at, as well as their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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