Headhshot of Paulette McWilliams

Media Contacts:
Erika Taylor Montgomery, 408-218-2391, Erika@ThreeGirlsMedia.com


Who are they? Paulette McWilliams is a professional singer who has worked with world-famous artists including Luther Vandross, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, David Bowie and many more. She has performed at jazz festivals/clubs in Thailand, Japan, Moscow and the International Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. Her soulful voice can also be heard in commercials for Folgers Coffee, United Airlines and Nike. Paulette’s current album, “A Woman’s Story,” was made with Grammy Award-winning producer Kamau Kenyatta, who she continues to work with on another album to be released soon.


Where to find her: You can learn more about Paulette by visiting her website at www.paulettemcwilliams.com or by following her on Facebook and Instagram.