Tony Quintong is the CEO os Securieon.

Media Contacts:
Lyndi Malley, (425) 471-8631,
Erika Taylor Montgomery, (408) 218-2391,

What Is It?  Since 1999, Securieon Group has positioned companies for success with their sound leadership advice and business consulting services. CEO Tony Quintong Jr. founded Securieon after seeing the burst of the dot-com bubble and the effect it had on business leaders and the future of their companies. Securieon offers services including expert growth strategy consultation, strategic financial and capital investment planning, pre- and post-merger and acquisition advisory, and general organization/transformation business consulting. 

Securieon’s experts keep an eye on the market, growth trends and major business-to-business innovations, and share their insights for your enterprise’s maximum growth and profit.

Where Is It? Securieon is headquartered just outside of Silicon Valley in Gilroy, California. You can learn more about their services on their website, and on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.