She Nah Nam Seafood

Media Contacts
Evanne Farmer, (425) 428-7936,
Erika Taylor Montgomery, (408) 218-2391,

What Is It?

She Nah Nam Seafood is an online seafood retailer that ships nationally throughout the United States. They are tribally owned by the Nisqually Indian Tribe and are a part of the Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation. They feature a variety of seafood products, most of which are locally caught by indigenous fishers. They also feature a variety of other grocery and non-grocery products that can be found on their website. She Nah Nam Seafood promotes fair trade and sustainability ideals that are reflected in their business practices.


Where Is It?

She Nah Nam Seafood is an online retailer; their website can be viewed here at They also have a processing plant in Tumwater, Washington.

Learn more about them on their Facebook and Twitter pages.