SummerWinds Nursery

As a B to C retailer, we understand the importance of reaching out to our customers through social media. However, as a small business, finding the time and resources to do so effectively has been a challenge. Three Girls Media has become that voice for our company and provides us with relevant messages and information that our customers can easily access through social media. It has been a seamless process with exceptional results. I appreciate the fact that their team is patient with us, takes constructive feedback and most importantly gets the job done with less effort on our part – and does it well.

– Shelly Huelsman, Marketing and Advertising Manager, SummerWinds Garden Centers, Inc.

I appreciate that the services Three Girls Media’s team provides us with have evolved and even improved as our needs have changed. Their team’s ability to adapt and meet our challenges enthusiastically really comes across. On a side note, I also personally love that we’re able to work with a great team of women!

– Autumn Lockerby, Arizona Marketing & Advertising Manager, SummerWinds Garden Centers, Inc.


Media Contacts:
Lyndi Malley, (425) 471-8631, 
Erika Taylor Montgomery, (408) 218-2391,

What is it? SummerWinds Garden Centers is a leading premium retailer of garden and nursery products in Arizona and California. This high-end establishment offers:

  • The highest quality plants
  • Gardening solutions and inspiration
  • Environmentally friendly amendments
  • Unique garden décor
  • Outdoor living merchandise

All of this is presented in an inviting atmosphere with extremely knowledgeable staff who can help answer questions and choose the right items for individual gardens. Their goal is to help any level of gardener be successful and find the joy in horticulture.

Where is it? SummerWinds has multiple locations throughout Arizona and California.

What else? You can learn more about SummerWinds on their website and follow them on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.