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Tina Carey is an award-winning business strategist and analyst and a certified Catalyft business coach.

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What is it? Synergein Solutions Consulting is a business consulting agency that serves as a powerful catalyst for entrepreneurs to experience extraordinary success in business and life, rather than professional success at the expense of personal life.

Synergein Solutions provides a supportive, powerful, and transformative environment in which entrepreneurs and small business owners can achieve exceptional outcomes that would not have been predictable or possible prior to working together. This group experiences unique challenges and opportunities, and Synergein’s specialized focus is working with, and providing resources for, this special group of dedicated, gifted people.

To accomplish that commitment, Synergein Solutions leads a variety of Peer Advisory Boards, Courses, Seminars, Coaching, and Strategy Intensives, focused around The Pinnacle Success System™. The Pinnacle Success System is a proprietary four-step process that provides entrepreneurs with a proven, sustainable and iterative model to de-commoditize their businesses, earn more money, work less, and enjoy the journey.

Peer Advisory Boards meet monthly to provide participants with powerful new insights, counsel and support that translates into improved outcomes in business and life, while Success Coaching provides entrepreneurs with an inside out approach to gain new insights and awareness that leads to new levels of success and breakthrough results.

Who is it? Synergein Solutions Consulting was founded by small business expert Tina Carey, an award-winning business strategist and analyst, a certified Catalyft™ business coach, and national education leader. A consummate professional with years of creating successful ventures, Tina has worked for both small and large corporations, as well as established companies and startups. She is skilled in understanding the current business environment and converting it into others’ success.

Where is it? For more information about Synergein Solutions Consulting, or to arrange a complimentary consultation, visit or call 360-970-4566. The Washington-based agency is located at 6957 Littlerock Rd SW, Ste A, Tumwater, 98512.