Ellia Harris​Media Contacts:
Erika Taylor Montgomery, 408-218-2391, Erika@ThreeGirlsMedia.com

What is it? The Potential Center is owned by Ellia Harris, an Innovation Coach who specializes in coaching managers to cultivate and utilize creative problem-solving strategies to find practical, real-time solutions to complex management problems and to create more cohesive teams. Ellia works with relatively new managers, often in sustainability, social enterprise, and nonprofit organizations, as well as in other sectors. She is passionate about promoting the powerful potential creativity provides in addressing professional, societal, and global problems.

Light Bulb Thinking™ is a four-step framework designed to cultivate creativity, curiosity and critical reasoning skills. This accountability-supported methodology provides potent tools and processes to propagate impactful ideas in a team environment.

Where To Learn More? Learn more about The Potential Center and Ellia Harris by visiting their website at www.thepotentialcenter.com or by following them on LinkedIn or Facebook.