U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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What Is It?

For more than 50 years, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. (USGS) has been the premier publisher of tarot and inspirational decks. Founded by Stuart R. Kaplan in 1968, USGS started with tarot cards as a single product category and has since expanded to marketing over 400 items in 20 categories, including tarot, playing cards, games, children’s card games, museum products, books and educational/motivational cards. They work with independent sales representatives, retailers, wholesalers and tradeshows to sell their premier-quality products.

The mission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. is to publish the highest-quality inspirational products that encourage reflection on the past, present and future for personal transformation, and to foster positive conscious action with their customers, employees and the new age community.

USGS receives regular recognition for its outstanding products from organizations including Mensa Best Mind Games Awards, Creative Child Awards, Games Magazine Best Family Card Game, American Tarot Association Awards and more.


Where Is It?

USGS’ central office is located in Stamford, Connecticut, but their products are sold through thousands of retailers around the world. You can learn more about USGS by visiting www.USGamesInc.com, or calling 1-800-544-2637.

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