Adrienne Booth

Marketing & PR Specialist

Adrienne joined the Three Girls team in 2022 with a rich background in marketing and customer service. She attended Skagit Valley College where she became certified in multimedia and interactive technology. She is inspired by designing with the end-user in mind and creating video content.

Adrienne is from Vancouver, BC where she still has close ties to family and friends. She has a passion for raising awareness around animal rights and spreading the word about plant-based alternatives. She enjoys travel and adventures with her daughter and learned how to surf on a trip to Hawaii. Coffee is her favorite beverage, and she knows where to find all the best vegan pastries in town.

Get to know Adrienne:

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: I’m particularly fond of live music and foreign films. Yoga is a great pastime for unwinding and getting grounded.

Favorite Food: Ethiopian food is satisfying and delicious; I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day.

Random Fact About Me: I’m first-generation Irish.

Favorite Place: Europe. I love the diverse cultures, history, architecture and food.

Favorite Movie: Run Lola Run. It has a frantic pace and is highly entertaining.

Favorite Sports Team: Women’s hockey.

What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? Animals and nature are always sure to make me smile. I have a sincere appreciation for the wonders of the universe.