Emily Burks

Emily Burks

Emily joined the Three Girls Media team in 2020 with a varied background in communications. Earning her B.A. in Communications and English Literature from the University of Washington (UW), Emily developed a knack for storytelling. As an avid traveler, Emily is also deeply interested in small businesses and their ability to promote local economies and preserve sense of place. She is excited to see her passions collide at Three Girls Media, where she’s excited to grow the clients she works with.

While interning for a prominent European guidebook company as a junior at UW, Emily decided to pursue a career in communications. She has since held several positions in content marketing and public relations and has learned to adapt her writing skills to various industries. Emily recently returned to her native Seattle after spending a year in San Francisco doing PR for major tech companies.

When Emily is not writing content, she is getting lost on trail runs, making additions to her travel bucket list, or scouring vegetarian blogs. She is also likely playing a true crime podcast in the background.

Get to know Emily:

Favorite Pastime/Hobby: Exploring somewhere I’ve never been.

Favorite Food: A beautiful cheese plate.

Random Fact About Me: I traveled to two new continents in 2019.

Favorite Place: Central Oregon

Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Favorite Sports Team: The Seahawks, of course!

What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? A dirty chai tea latte with oat milk.  

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