Emily Goldfarb

Emily Goldfarb

Emily joined Three Girls’ Team in 2019. She currently attends Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington and is earning a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Economics. She is particularly interested in the field of cyberpsychology, and it is through this passion that she first became familiar with online marketing strategies and consumer behavior.

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Emily has gained past marketing experience through her position as VP of Marketing on her sorority’s executive board. Additionally, she has established close ties with the Walla Walla community through philanthropic events she has helped run for local nonprofits and her volunteer position as a mentor for local elementary school students.

Having grown up in the Seattle area, Emily loves the Pacific Northwest and often spends her free time hiking, skiing and playing ultimate frisbee with friends. When she’s not exploring the outdoors, she enjoys relaxing inside and reading a good book or painting.

Get to know Emily:

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: Painting & reading
Favorite Food: All breakfast foods
Random Fact About Me: I grew up with a lot of pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, hermit crabs, fish, sugar gliders and a lizard.
Favorite Place: The San Juan Islands
Favorite Movie: Almost anything Marvel
Favorite Sports Team: Seahawks
What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? Goofing around with my friends.