Lee Baggesen-Jensen

Marketing and PR Specialist
Lee joined the Three Girls Media team in late 2021. After a recent opportunity to help the family chocolate business with its marketing, Lee felt compelled to cultivate his newly discovered passion for content creation. He’s excited to help small businesses use their unique voice to reach their specific audiences.
Lee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. Lessons learned from his human and environmental health classes were applicable to everyday life, but what Lee found most rewarding was working with youth. His background includes early childhood education, summer camp counseling, personal training and teaching English in Taiwan. Building rapport and holding a student’s attention is similar to captivating an audience with the written word. Therefore, he feels confident that the skills accrued over the years will bolster his transition to the field of marketing.


Get to know Lee:

Favorite Pastime/Hobby: I have to move my body everyday! Whether it’s martial arts, dancing, running, lifting weights or going for a nighttime walk, it’s always a good time.

Favorite Food: Ramen! The broth is always so rich and salty while the noodles are perfectly al dente.

Random Fact About Me: I held my breath for 5 minutes once.

Favorite Place: A quiet city in the middle of the night. I love how different it is compared to the busy days.

Favorite Movie: Any movie that gets me misty-eyed. Most recently it was Moana.

Favorite Sports Team: I inherited the Los Angeles Dodgers from my parents. Growing up, they would put the games on for us if our homework was mostly finished. Nowadays, the Dodgers are always a contender, so I tune in during the playoffs mostly.

What Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On My Face: My parents’ obnoxious humor. They can find a good pun in the moment or tease me about anything.