Nicholas Sweeney

As a lifetime learner, Nicholas has worked in a variety of positions, ranging from teaching English in China to journalism to (most recently) hypnotherapy. Throughout all their work, however, they have continued to hone their passions for writing, communication and empowerment of other humans.

When not working on their next short story or novel-in-progress, some of which can be found in their portfolio here, this Pacific Northwesterner spends their time sipping hot cups of tea and breathing in the fresh scent of petrichor.

Get to know Nick:

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: Writing and rollerblading.

Favorite Food: Burritos, all the burritos. Breakfast burritos, bean and rice burritos, potato burritos, jackfruit burritos. If it’s in a tortilla, chances are I will love it.

Random Fact About Me: I used to do professional ballroom dance.

Favorite Place: Anywhere new. Whether it’s a new hiking trail or Batu Belig Beach in Bali, Indonesia, I love new places and adventures.

Favorite Movie: Coraline, probably. I’m such a sucker for that spooky aesthetic.

Favorite Sports Team: Go Sportsball! Win Hoops! Shoot Touchdowns! I’m sorry, I don’t really know any sports teams.

What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? Puppy smiles. Coming home to my pup’s wagging tail and happy face will never cease to make my heart turn into a puddle.