Shanai Bemis

Senior Director of Marketing & PR

Shanai joined the Three Girls Media team in 2019. Her background is primarily in professional writing and content creation for digital journalism, marketing and public relations. Her experiences with small businesses and disadvantaged groups has cultivated her passion for telling the stories of people who need a voice.

See Shanai’s articles published on these websites:

    1. “When, Where and Why You Need to Communicate with Your Audience” Business 2 Community.
    2. “How to Keep Your Content Relevant and Engaging” on Business 2 Community.
    3. “How to Find and Market Directly to Your Audience” on Business 2 Community

Shanai holds a B.A in Digital Journalism from Central Washington University. Before joining Three Girls, she was a member of PACCAR Parts’ award-winning marketing department and a staff writer for the Ellensburg Daily Record, where she was responsible for covering city government, county courts and personal interest stories. Other topics Shanai covered included the Ellensburg housing shortage and affordable housing measures, breaking coverage of flooding and wildfires, and covering local political protests.

In her spare time, Shanai volunteers her marketing and PR skills to nonprofit organizations around the country. She also enjoys working on personal creative writing projects, spoiling her two cats and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Get to know Shanai:

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: It’s a toss-up between playing video games and painting. I’m not terribly good at either, but I still have a good time!
Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or biscuits and gravy. They’re what I eat when I need a pick me up.
Random Fact About Me: I’m left-handed.
Favorite Place: Anywhere quiet and away from people. Particularly a secluded beach or up in the mountains somewhere on a clear night so you can see the stars.
Favorite Movie: Arrival is definitely my favorite sci-fi movie by far. Not sure if it’s my favorite overall, but it’s the one that comes to mind.
Favorite Sports Teams: I don’t really follow sports, but I’ve always supported the Seattle Seahawks and the Mariners since my dad does and he gets excited when they win games.
What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? My cats! I can always count on them to be silly or weird and make me laugh.

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