Victoria Moser

Marketing & PR Specialist

Victoria was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She joined the Three Girls team in 2022 and will be receiving her bachelor’s in digital marketing this fall. Victoria has a diverse background in e-commerce, online retail and web design. These elements helped cultivate her skill for informative and powerful content creation.

Victoria’s background and primary interest has been within the branding, promotional and marketing elements of small businesses. She is excited to use her creativity and love for the community to promote and grow local businesses.

Get to know Victoria:

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: I love shopping. All kinds, but especially for vintage clothes.

Favorite Food: It might sound cliche, but pizza, forever.

Random Fact About Me: I’ve floated in the Dead Sea.

Favorite Place: Southeastern Thailand.

Favorite Movie: Practical Magic.

Favorite Sports Team: Mariners. My dad was a fanatic, so I was born into it.

What is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? My nephews. They’re 8 and 4-year-old boys and they are the cutest, silliest things in the world!