Phoebe Ingrid Blu


Office Greeter

Phoebe Ingrid Blu is a rescue pup that was welcomed to her forever home by our CEO, Erika, in March of 2021. She’s quickly integrated herself into the team. Simply known around Three Girls as Phoebe, she very much enjoys her role as “Office Greeter” and 4-footed best friend to Erika. With her own Instagram account, Phoebe dishes out great marketing advice in a series titled, “Phoebe Says …” Follow her on Instagram at @Phoebe_IngridBlu.

A Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix with a petite face, incredibly soft fur and deep black eyes, she adores wearing clothes and burrowing under blankets.

Outside the office, Phoebe is a friendly dog that enjoys the simple things in life. Her daily schedule consists of long naps on Erika’s lap or on the back of her sofa, and walks through Erika’s country property, Moose Hollow. She loves eating freeze dried bison liver treats, and playing with furry stuffed toys, especially her favorites – a pink “Peep” fashioned after the Easter-time marshmallow treat and a turtle that squeaks.

Favorite Pastime/ Hobby: Getting petted! If you stop petting me and I want more, I’ll scratch your hand to tell you to keep it up.

Favorite Food: Dried bison liver treats – yum!

Random Fact About Me: I lived in 5 homes in 6 years before Erika gave me a forever home.

Favorite Place: Under a blanket. I love to hide and snuggle under covers.

Favorite Movie: Any film where the underdog wins.

Favorite Sports Team: The Seattle Seahawks. I even have a Seahawks cheerleading dress!

What Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face? Riding in the car – I just can’t get enough!

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