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What Makes Three Girls Different?

Three Girls Media is proud to offer and provide World Class Custom Quality Marketing to each and every client!
What exactly does that mean?

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About Our Custom Quality Marketing

Every piece of marketing content we create is only for your business – from blog articles and social media updates to e-newsletters and website copy – we craft unique marketing materials exclusively for your brand with the following top-of-mind:

  • Your marketing goals
  • Your target consumers
  • Your voice/personality
  • Your industry
  • Your budget

We take the same approach to marketing, researching your field and developing content that provides your target customers with helpful information, in addition to fully optimizing each blog article, web page, email blast or social media update for search engine optimization (SEO).

While many firms automate generic social media updates and blog articles, or purchase them from generic content mills, we learn about what makes your business special and create custom marketing content, updates and articles that showcase your brand’s unique personality and voice. All the content we create is 100% original and designed specifically for your business. 

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