Solutions – PR & Social Media for Small Business

So·lu·tion [suh-loo-shuhn] noun – the act of solving a problem, question, etc. or…How Three Girls can help!


Three Girls Media understands that small and medium-sized businesses often need public relations and social media help the most, but can afford it the least. So, Three Girls has developed a variety of extremely cost-effective PR solutions designed to help emerging businesses raise their brand awareness and name recognition. We don’t believe in monthly retainers, and instead offer all of our services for a flat fee with payment plan options. We also accept credit cards.

Al la Carte Menu – Three Girls’ most cost-effective PR solutions are offered on our Al la Carte menu which includes:

  • PR Consulting, hourly or by project for website reviews, branding reviews, press release editing & distribution, marketing consultation and much more – Starting at $155 an hour
  • Press Release Projects – Starting at $450
  • Media Advisories & Event Promotion – Starting at $340
  • Social Media Ad Creation & Management – Starting at $320, plus ad costs
  • Customized Electronic Press Kit – $525 plus hosting
  • Targeted Media List Building – Starting at $525 per list
  • Customized Pitch Writing – Starting at $430
  • Social Media Management – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+ – Starting at $145 per month
  • Blog Management – Starting at $100 per month
  • E-Newsletter Management – Starting at $320 per month
  • Professional Collateral Creation – Starting at $370
  • Website & General Copywriting – Starting at $120 per hour or by project
  • Strategic Marketing/PR/Social Media Plans – Starting at $450
  • Comprehensive Website Branding Consultations – Starting at $745
  • 3-6 month Editorial Media Campaigns – Average $1,000 per month
  • Celebrity Gifting and Event Participation – Starting at $3,725

Don’t see a service you’re interested in listed? Chances are we can help! Call or email for your complimentary consultation today! 408-218-2391 or 360-995-1410.

3-6 month All-Inclusive Editorial Media Campaigns – Our unique plans include everything that an small business or emerging company needs to have a successful media campaign. From Electronic Press Kits to a customized Media Game Plan and more. Payment plans starting at $1,000 per month.

Teri Hatcher

Celebrity Opportunities – From backstage lounge sponsorships at the Oscars or Emmy’s to gift bag inclusions for the MTV Music Awards or A-list celebrity gifting, Three Girls has over a dozen awesome events available for our clients each year. What makes our Celebrity Events different? We have a tremendous track record of getting Thank You notes from top-level stars including Teri Hatcher, Britney Spears, Natalie Cole, Brooke Shields, Michael & Juanita Jordan and many more. We work one-on-one to ensure your goods end up directly in the hands of the stars – not their agents, managers or publicists!  Prices as low as $120 per celebrity.

How can Three Girls help your business grow? Call or email today to schedule your complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with our CEO! 

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