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What is it? 21Squared is an app that combines social media with online shopping for curvy women sizes 12+. It features photos that users have uploaded of themselves wearing for sale clothes from a variety of stores that can be purchased with a simple tap.

After uploading an image, users tag the clothing items and accessories in their photo by either scanning the UPC code on the shopping tag or linking directly to the product on the store’s website. Users are also encouraged to include a short review of the fit, quality and value of their pieces.

If another user follows that link and purchases an item, the original poster receives a percentage of that sale as commission. When their account reaches $25 or higher, users can choose to cash out and receive a check in the mail, or donate their profits to a body-positive non-profit.

Anyone can sign up for an account and confidentially enter their current body measurements and clothing sizes to be matched with other users who share similar proportions. It’s the closest you can come to trying on clothes without stepping into a fitting room.

The app also allows users to follow, like and comment on their favorite posts.

21Squared has been endorsed by body-positive influencers like Chrystal Bougon of Curvy Girl Lingerie, professional plus-size model Anna Krylova, Jasmine Reeder of Curvaceous Lush, and many more.

Where is it? Currently 21Squared is only available for download on the App Store for iOS, but a version for Android is planned to launch in spring of 2019. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Consumers can learn more at 21squared.com.

How much is it? There is no charge to download the app and no subscription fees.

Story Ideas

  • Nearly 70% of American women wear a size 14 or above, yet only 1.5% of models represent sizes above 12. 21Squared is flipping the script by allowing plus-size women to be their own models in their app that combines social media with online shopping.
  • Plus-size fashion and beauty influencers are endorsing 21Squared, the plus-size shopping app that wants to make sure no body is left behind. Users can share their favorite outfits and receive a small commission if others use their photo to purchase the featured items.
  • What if you could shop online and know almost exactly how your clothes will look on you without trying them on? 21Squared matches users with each other based on their confidential measurements for a personalized shopping experience – no fitting room required.
  • Did you know you can earn money just for wearing the clothes in your closet? 21Squared allows users to show off their favorite outfits and earn a commission when followers use their links to purchase clothing from a retailer’s website.