Keyword Density & More: Writing Blog Posts with SEO In Mind

Keyword Density & More: Writing Blog Posts with SEO In Mind
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These tools help us check for keyword density and overall search engine optimization

One of Three Girls’ services is writing blog posts on behalf of clients. We pride ourselves in writing posts that are helpful for the reader in addition to being beneficial for search engine optimization. How do we make sure everything we write is ideal in regards to keyword density, while still being easy for consumers to read? In addition to falling back on our team’s creative writing skills, there are a couple of tools we rely on.

Inbound Writer is extremely helpful when it comes to keyword research, keyword density and overall search engine optimization. What do I love about it?

  1. First of all, it’s very easy to use for keyword research. When I have an idea for a blog post, but I’m not quite sure which terms I want to focus on, all I need to do is type in three phrases related to the post topic. Inbound Writer then does the keyword research for me and returns dozens of suggested terms. In addition to ranking them, it tells explains why the ones closest to the top are best in terms of search engine optimization, specifically popularity, competition and average cost per click. Once I go through the list and pick out the terms that make the most sense from the readers perspective, I can begin writing my post with those phrases in mind.
  2. Secondarily, I really like how Inbound Writer measures keyword density. As I write my post, it gives me a score based on how many times I use the suggested terms. Based on how long my post is, the tool recommends how many keywords to use and makes sure they’re in there frequently enough to be beneficial for search engine optimization.
  3. Third, Inbound Writer also offers suggestions as the post is written. It recommends creating more focus terms or moving a keyword to appear at the beginning of the title. Then it gives you a score on a scale of 1-100 based on how strong your post is for keyword density and search engine optimization.

Scribe SEO is another tool we use at Three Girls to make sure our posts are as strong as they can be for clients. It’s also extremely helpful in regards to keyword density, keyword research and overall search engine optimization. What’s great about this tool?

  1. First of all, after writing a post and filling in the SEO title, meta description, etc, all you need to do is click “Analyze” and Scribe SEO evaluates your post. There are a few things the tool looks for:
    • Keyword density. Are the terms used frequently enough? Are they used too often for the length of the post? Scribe SEO looks at both for you.
    • Keyword research. Are there terms you should use instead to make your search engine optimization a little bit stronger?
    • Site score. How do the keywords fit with the terms used throughout your site? Are they a good match?
    • Tag suggestions. Which tags would be best to use?
    • Overall search engine optimization. Do you need to move one of your keywords to appear earlier in the title or meta description?
  2. Secondarily, I like that Scribe SEO makes it easy to figure out how to make your post stronger by using a color-coded number system, so you know to focus on the red and yellow, and that the green is good to go.

Have you used any specific tools to help with your search engine optimization? Do they help with keyword density and keyword research? What do you like about them?

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