About Three Girls Media Inc.

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” – Napoleon Hill


Three Girls Media’s Beginnings – An Idea, Notepad & $3,000 Loan:

Three Girls’ CEO, Erika Taylor Montgomery

Erika Taylor Montgomery, the company’s CEO and Chief Publicist, founded Three Girls Media, Inc. in June 2005. At the time, Erika was at a crossroads. Following an award-winning 10 year PR career, preceded by 18 years as a successful journalist, radio and TV host in the San Francisco Bay Area, Erika was torn: Should she dive into another high-paying corporate job with endless hours, thankless employers, and businesses that only talked about families being first, or should she take another major career leap into something more rewarding?

Erika Montgomery, CEO, with the Three Girls Media team.

It didn’t take Erika long to choose. With nothing more than an idea, a notepad and a $3,000 loan from a friend, Three Girls Media Inc. was born. Erika would never again be told that she couldn’t leave work early to attend her son’s cello concert or soccer game, or to do volunteer work with her Certified Service Dog!

Three Girls’ success skyrocketed. Now a well-established public relations and content marketing agency with an astonishing track record of success, Three Girls completely broke the mold of ‘traditional’ PR with trademarked electronic press kits, al la carte services and satisfied clients who stay for second, third, fourth and ongoing campaigns.

Three Girls’ CEO, Erika Taylor Montgomery, with her dog and Three Girls’ official Office Greeter, Effy

We’re proud to be different as an employer, too. Three Girls doesn’t just talk about families being first…we live it! Whether that means office dogs barking occasionally or kids at staff meetings now and then, each member of our team is encouraged to make whatever scheduling allowances are needed to ensure the health and welfare of their families and themselves. Since Three Girls’ launch, the company has rapidly expanded to become a dynamic team.

Why call the company Three Girls?

Erika was sure of one thing: If you want to spread the word about something, who should you tell? Three girls…and the news will spread like wildfire! The name was catchy, and the signature logo photo of girls gossiping by the school locker enhanced the message perfectly!

Three Girls’ Mission:

To provide Personalized Public Relations and Custom Quality Content for small and medium-sized businesses, managing internal and external communications while raising brand awareness and name recognition through both traditional and digital tactics, all while providing excellent customer service.

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