LinkedIn can be a rich resource for professionals looking to connect with various colleagues, keep up with company updates and stay current with relevant industry trends. The proper usage of a LinkedIn company page can result in endless opportunities, improved SEO rankings and even an increased likelihood for customer conversions. In this blog post, we introduce 4 ways sure to help you reap the benefits of a well-managed LinkedIn company page.

They are:

1. Show your best side: Create a LinkedIn company page that will attract your target demographic. Use your page to highlight your products, services and achievements in a way that will keep followers interested. This can include content you have created such as white papers or positive product reviews, how-to links or just general website content. Either way, keep it current and interesting. Don’t forget to create the company page with your industry in mind. Write with specific keywords and keep your description accurate.

2: Remember to stay active and engage: Social media is all about engaging new fans and followers, and while LinkedIn may be a more professional social networking platform, the principal remains the same. Creating quality content is important, but keeping your fans engaged is what will keep them coming back. Be sure to respond to comments, start discussions and reciprocate activity. This will aid in creating a high quality professional and reliable persona.

3: Find new fans and followers: Social media success is measurable by the number of individuals currently visiting your page on a regular basis and sharing it with their fans and followers. To entice new fans, consider reaching out to colleagues and coworkers; they will automatically have a vested interest in the company since it is part of their livelihood. Add LinkedIn icons to all of your sites, emails and e-newsletters for convenience and to make it especially easy for potential fans to begin following your page. Make it short, sweet and simple!

4. Understand where changes need to be made: Analytics are a priceless resource. Paying attention to these numbers will help you discover which LinkedIn posts are strong, what content is ineffective and where changes can be made. Be sure to pay close attention to engagement percentages, insights, impressions, new follows and unfollows!

LinkedIn functions in the same way as many other social media sites, and while these suggestions are only the tip of the social media iceberg, they are sure to help any do it yourself-er get a solid start. If you are looking for a quality and well thought out social media strategy, we urge you to contact us today! Our team is ready to help find you social media success on a variety of platforms.

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