Instagram: 4 Tips for Increasing Your Brand Presence

Instagram: 4 Tips for Increasing Your Brand Presence

The introduction of Instagram has allowed people to capture, customize and share photos and videos with its 150 million active users. Standard Instagram users tend to post photos of their daily coffee or an abundance of selfies filled with random hashtags, but the app actually has the potential to boost your business’ brand presence.

Here are 4 tips to optimize your business’ presence on Instagram:

1. Make a Killer Profile: When people go on your Instagram profile the first thing they see is heyyour bio. This place is an opportunity for you to showcase who you are and what you do. Write a short blurb about what your product or service is and include links to your website and other social media sites.

2. Utilize Hashtags: You can search for hashtags relevant to your business to find potential customers. These hashtags can be locational (#Seattle) or topical (#marshmallows). Use these hashtags to find these people, follow them, “like” their posts and engage with them.

3. Post Consistently: Like all social media platforms, you’ll want to post regularly, but you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too many posts all at once; post a couple times a day to keep your followers engaged. Also, don’t be afraid to include your product in your posts! People can window-shop for the amazing things you have to offer and thus you’re expanding brand awareness!

4. Take great and relevant photos: Your photos can be products, employees, or even promotions you have coming up, but make sure they pertain to your business and are current. Not every photo taken is going to represent your company well, so take the time to best reflect your brand. Along with that, make sure your photo quality is up to par. Never post a blurry photo and try to follow basic photography rules like the rule of thirds, avoiding wasted space and use proper lighting.

Instagram has infiltrated the world of social media marketing, and has proven to be a valuable resource for building up your business’ brand image. Not only is it useful it’s fun! Customers enjoy scrolling through pictures their friends and favorite businesses post, and you can be creative with your posting efforts! Does your business have an Instagram account? What types of photos do you post? Share below!

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