So far, 2014 has been the year of content marketing. Content marketing isn’t a straight forward tool, but instead an intricate piece of your marketing puzzle. Mixed with other great marketing tools, your brand will build a strong positive reputation among customers. However, there are some misconceptions in content marketing that first must be cleared up.

Here are 3 misconceptions of content marketing:

  1. Always Focusing on Sales: Many companies believe that to promote themselves, their marketing must always present their product. Customers prefer that your content is useful and informative. Good marketing should make them feel smart, confident and knowledgeable. Content marketing causes customers to seek your brand because you make them feel that way about themselves.

    A coffee company, for example, might want to post knowledge about how coffee is processed or drunk in other parts of the world. This will interest the customers and make them confident in the company’s knowledge of coffee. Content marketing works like that– promoting your brand without focusing on sales and what you do

    What are you doing to avoid low quality content?

    What are you doing to avoid low quality content?


  2. All About Words: Content marketing does include using optimized words, however content can be more than that. Infographics, audio formats and well-done videos are excellent way to package your content. So much content is being produced these days that it is becoming difficult to capture and keep customers attention. Your content should be relevant and useful as well as entertaining and convenient.
  3. Results Are Quick and Cheap: Many companies expect to use content marketing with little effort and expect big, fast results. However, effective content marketing requires talented people who can create awesome content—and that’s not cheap! Also, it may take a while for the results to pour in because content marketing plays to a long-term brand building strategy.

In the digital world, almost anyone can create content and make it available to the public. While great for freedom of expression, it makes it harder to stand-out. Many think content marketing is a walk in the park, but it actually takes a lot of skill and dedication. However, the extra work pays off when your brand has a stellar reputation and a steady following. Are there any content marketing misconceptions you can think of? Share below!

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