Part of the Three Girls team at the YWCA Gala.

Part of the Three Girls team at the YWCA Gala.

What social media lessons can you learn from a fancy event?

Last week Three Girls Media was extremely honored to receive the first ever Business of Achievement award from the YWCA-Olympia. To celebrate, most of our staff attended the gala and had a wonderful time recognizing other notable women, spending time with each other and, of course, enjoying delicious food. Being that all of us work in social media, the event got me thinking about lessons you can learn from a fancy night out.

4 Social Media Lessons From the YWCA’s Gala

1. Consider how you’re presenting yourself. Although I love a comfortable pair of pants, I knew this wasn’t the time or place, so I traded in my jeans for a dress, heels and pearls. As comfortable as I was before I got dressed, I knew that showing up in my Levi’s wasn’t appropriate in this situation. Similarly, it’s important to think about how you’re presenting yourself in your social media accounts. Posting that photo of you making funny faces with your nephew may be fun for your personal Facebook profile, but making it your LinkedIn picture isn’t a good call. Think about what you’re posting and how you’re introducing it. Make sure you check for typos, too!

2. Plan ahead. During the gala, each of the honorees (including Erika representing Three Girls) delivered a speech about their award (see Erika’s speech here). Some used notes and some didn’t, but it was clear that each of them thought about what they were going to say before they got up there. In the same way, it’s important to think about your social media updates in advance. Consider how each post supports your brand’s overall message and plan ahead for special dates like any particular holidays you want to fold into your marketing strategy.

3. Say thank you. Showing your gratitude is a good thing. At the YWCA’s gala, each honoree thanked the YWCA in addition to the people that helped them get where they are today. Don’t be afraid to say thank you on your social media channels. Thank your followers for connecting with you. Link to other businesses you partner with and say thanks for all the great work they do.

4. Have fun! All of us had a great time at the gala and soaked it all up. In fact, it wasn’t surprising to see each of us grabbing our phones to snap a few of photos now and then (especially when the dessert came out). Make sure you have fun with your social media accounts, too. Get creative and let your personality shine through. After all, if you have fun your followers are more likely to enjoy it, too.

All of us at Three Girls were so honored to be named the YWCA’s Business of Achievement this year! Have you ever attended an event like this? What social media lessons would you add to my list?

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